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Catherine McBroom claims her landlord made ACE Family pay 6 months rent upfront for new rental home

According to Catherine McBroom, they had to pay six months of rent upfront before renting the new ACE Family house.

After months of foreclosure drama, Catherine McBroom and her family have moved into a new house. According to ACE Family, the previous house was never finished, and they did not get a certificate of occupancy. Therefore, they had to sell it and move on. However, they had issues getting a new house. They had to pay six months’ rent upfront to rent out a new house. Despite the former contractor scamming them, they did not file a lawsuit against him.

Catherine McBroom, ACE Family

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Last year was a hard one for ACE Family due to multiple lawsuits and foreclosure drama.

Even though Austin and Catherine McBroom have a huge fan following, the ACE Family couple has come under fire more than once. After the Battle of the Platform event, people accused McBroom of not paying them. Therefore, the family faced many lawsuits worth millions of dollars. In the middle of the year, the ACE Family home went into foreclosure, and the rumors were that they might be homeless. The house was put on auction at one point, but no one bought it. According to rumors, Austin and Catherine McBroom had also taken around a $10 million loan on the house.

Catherine McBroom, ACE Family

According to Catherine McBroom, their former contractor scammed and stole money from them

After Catherine McBroom put a few million in the contractor’s account for the building work, his company dissolved and he ran away with their money. According to her:

What happened was, I put a couple of million dollars into the property, put an extra couple million to finish the property (as far as the joining of the houses) and all the changes that we added – the landscaping, all of that came out of pocket. We paid [the contractor] for those changes. Him and his wife had made an LLC or a corporation under a random name, and I didn’t know that at the time.’

Furthermore, Catherine McBroom explained:

‘I didn’t know this at the time but come to find out later on that [he] wasn’t actually a licensed contractor, he was using someone else’s license to make this happen. What [he] worked out with them was, “Hey, this is a family, they’re well off. I know how to talk to them, I’ve already built a relationship with them, let me handle everything and you guys make the money on the back end.” Come to find out, [he] took all the money and never even paid them. They got screwed over as well, but looking back on it, they were very much a part of the whole scheme.’

Catherine McBroom, ACE Family

Recently, Catherine McBroom and ACE Family have moved into a new house

A few weeks ago, the ACE Family YouTube channel had a tour video of their house. During the video, Austin and Catherine McBroom alleged that they deliberately tried to keep their house private. While talking about renting the new house, Catherine McBroom said:

‘We found this beautiful home that we love, it’s a new building, new structure. The owner is an older gentleman, and his son, he’s my age, in his 30s, and he’s a lawyer. He was like don’t rent it out to them, I just looked them up on social media and they didn’t pay their mortgage, that’s why they went under foreclosure. Because of that, they charged my much more than they would have. They made me pay six months up front just so that I could live in this home. Which is so unfair, the narrative wasn’t real.’

Catherine McBroom, ACE Family

ACE Family is choosing to enjoy their new house and find some peace.

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