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Carmen Ejogo Movies And Tv Shows

Prepare to be enthralled as we delve into her unforgettable portrayals in films like Selma, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Alien: Covenant, Away We Go, Sparkle, Alex Cross, The Purge: Anarchy, It Comes at Night, True to the Game, Born to Be Blue, and many more. From historical figures to complex characters in intense thrillers, Carmen Ejogo has showcased her versatility and depth in a wide range of roles.

But her talents doesn’t end on the silver screen. Carmen Ejogo has also graced the small screen, captivating audiences with her performances in acclaimed TV shows such as True Detective, The Girlfriend Experience, The Romanoffs, Ratched, The Walking Dead: World Beyond, Kidnapped, Zero Hour, and Chaos. Her on-screen presence and ability to bring characters to life have made her an indispensable talent in the television landscape.

Throughout her acting career, Carmen Ejogo has garnered recognition and acclaim for her exceptional performances. She has received several awards and nominations, solidifying her status as one of the industry’s most talented and respected actresses. Her work in “Selma” for instance, earned her critical acclaim and a nomination for the NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture.

Whether she’s tackling a historical drama, a fantasy adventure, or a suspenseful thriller, Carmen Ejogo continues to captivate audiences with her undeniable talent and screen presence. Her impressive filmography and range of roles make her a truly exceptional actress worth celebrating.

List Of Carmen Ejogo Movies And TV Shows

“Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them” (2016):

Hold on to your wands and prepare for a magical adventure! Carmen Ejogo joins J.K. Rowling‘s wizarding world in this enchanting film directed by David Yates. As Seraphina Picquery, the President of the Magical Congress of the United States of America, Ejogo brings a perfect balance of authority and charm. Alongside an extraordinary cast including Eddie Redmayne, Katherine Waterston, and Colin Farrell, Throughout the movie, Carmen Ejogo casts a spell of delight and keeps us captivated.

Carmen Ejogo Movies
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“Alien: Covenant” (2017):

Ridley Scott‘s sci-fi horror flick had us clutching our popcorn and screaming at the screen. Carmen Ejogo fearlessly takes on the role of Karine Oram, a brave member of the spaceship crew facing the terrifying extraterrestrial threat. Her performance is nothing short of stellar, making us root for her survival amidst the spine-chilling chaos. With heart-pounding suspense and jaw-dropping special effects, this Carmen Ejogo movie is a wild ride from start to finish.

“The Purge: Anarchy” (2014):

Lock your doors and prepare for a night of thrilling mayhem! Carmen Ejogo stars in this action-packed horror film directed by James DeMonaco. As Eva Sanchez, Ejogo embodies the determination and courage needed to survive the annual Purge Night. Joined by an ensemble cast, including Frank Grillo and Zach Gilford, the actress brings a level of intensity that keeps us on the edge of our seats. Get ready for a nail-biting night of suspense and surprises. And it is by far one of the best Carmen Ejogo Movies.

“Sparkle” (2012):

Prepare to be dazzled by Carmen Ejogo‘s electrifying performance in this musical drama. Directed by Salim Akil, “Sparkle” takes us on a journey through the vibrant music scene of the 1960s. Ejogo shines as Sister Anderson, a talented singer navigates the trials and tribulations of fame. With a powerhouse cast that includes Jordin Sparks and Whitney Houston, this film is a toe-tapping delight. With a magnetic screen presence and undeniable talent, Carmen Ejogo movies showcase her ability to tackle a variety of genres and roles.

“Alex Cross” (2012):

In this thrilling crime drama, Carmen Ejogo shares the screen with Tyler Perry in the role of Detective Monica Ashe. Directed by Rob Cohen, “Alex Cross” follows a detective’s pursuit of a sadistic serial killer. Ejogo‘s portrayal adds a layer of intensity to the film, as her character becomes entangled in a dangerous game of cat and mouse. Get ready for heart-pounding suspense and unexpected twists.

“It Comes at Night” (2017):

Prepare for a chilling psychological horror experience in this film directed by Trey Edward Shults. Carmen Ejogo‘s performance as Sarah is hauntingly captivating as she navigates a world plagued by a mysterious threat. With gripping tension and atmospheric suspense, Ejogo keeps us on the edge of our seats, questioning what lurks in the darkness. Carmen Ejogo movies are a treasure trove of cinematic experiences, showcasing her remarkable range and skill as an actress.

Carmen Ejogo movies are a delightful mix of gripping drama, magical enchantment, heart-stopping horror, and adrenaline-pumping action. With her remarkable talent, she immerses herself in each role, bringing characters to life with her charisma and skill. From historical icons to fictional wizards and brave survivors, Ejogo‘s performances leave a lasting impression. So, grab some popcorn, sit back, and let Carmen Ejogo take you on an unforgettable cinematic journey.

How old is Carmen Ejogo?

Carmen Ejogo is 49 years old.

What is the name of Carmen Ejogo’s daughter?

Carmen Ejogo’s daughter’s name is Juno Wright.

Where is Carmen Ejogo now?

Ejogo moved to New York permanently in 2001 and has worked exclusively in the US ever since.

What is Carmen Ejogo’s net worth?

Carmen Ejogo has a net worth of $3 Million

Who plays Madame President in Fantastic Beasts?

Carmen Ejogo plays Madame President in Fantastic Beasts.