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Cardi B reacts to TikTok Dance of 'WAP' mashed with Taylor Swift's 'You Belong With Me'!

Cardi B reacts to TikTok Dance of ‘WAP’ mashed with Taylor Swift’s ‘You Belong With Me’!

We stan powerful songs by women, whether it be them embracing their sexuality or being romantic about their love life. We stan it all. And guess what, someone did an amazing Tiktok dance merging ‘WAP’ with ‘You Belong With Me’. Three powerful queens, Megan Thee Stallion, Cardi B, and Taylor Swift all featured in one music video! Well, there’s also the fourth one, counting the dancer herself who came up with the creative idea: Niamh Adkins.

Check out the cool TikTok dance combining WAP with You Belong With Me

This the model Niamh Adkins totally crushing it in the challenge!


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TikTok took this down at 1M views so it’s for you guys now (WAIT FOR IT) @taylorswift @iamcardib

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Niamh totally crushed it! I mean, did you see that coming? The way she transformed the adorable dancing of ‘You Belong with me’ to a sultry WAP dance? I certainly did not. And guess what? Neither did Cardi B. Yes, the legendary singer herself and the brains behind ‘WAP’.

Cardi B reacts to the WAP dance!

The rapper and singer is absolutely loving the response from the audience to ‘WAP’. Cardi B has been active on social media and reacting to a lot of WAP dances online. And she came across this one and this is what she had to say on that:

Of course, she didn’t! Who would have thought of combining WAP with You Belong With me?! It definitely takes a creative genius out of this world to do it. Niamh really shook us all with this one.

Cardi B has responded to it, let’s see if Megan Thee Stallion and Taylor Swift would do it or not.

The song got removed from TikTok so the model posted it on her Instagram. You can follow her here.