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Cara Delevingne & Olivier Rousteing ‘Stripping in Public’ for Balmain CORD campaign

Supermodel and ex-VS Angel Cara Delevingne made headlines when she stripped naked in public while hugging close friend Olivier Rousteing. However, she is not cheating on her girlfriend Ashley Benson. In fact, the stripping was a part of a promotional video for  C.O.R.D., an apparel and accessory-line collaboration with French luxury fashion brand, Balmain Paris.  Rousteing is the Creative Director of Balmain himself.

Cara Delevingne & Olivier Rousteing of Balmain | BFF Goals

The commercial was shot at various locations in Paris. It also included naked scenes in front of the Balmain Store. In one picture, Cara Delevingne is seen embracing Olivier Rousteing, both completely naked. Yes, it’s awkward and NSFW content.

Olivier posted the photo on his Instagram with the caption, ‘Instagram should we apologize?’

In another shot, both are seen embracing again; covering their nakedness using a Balmain Paris bag.

He and Cara previously did another nude shoot for Balmain Spring 2019 Ad Campaign in January. Earlier too, he had issued a statement regarding the shoot saying,

“Yes, we’re naked. Yes, I’m black and she’s white. So, go ahead, trolls, give me your best.”

The Creativity Behind The Shoot

The story behind the campaign is that Cara and Olivier challenge each other to a game of truth or dare. Then they enter into the streets of the French capital.

Cara Delevingne dares Olivier Rousteing to ride behind her as she drives through the city on a scooter. He, in turn, challenges her to enter a Balmain store, where she picks some items and models in the window.

The modeling includes Cara Delevingne’s pick of Balmain designer bags that cover her intimate areas while she poses and Olivier shoots.

Of love and friendship…

Cara Delevingne and Olivier Rousteing clearly are the best of best friends. Their Instagram feeds are flooded with posts dedicated to each other, expressing love and appreciation.

She posted another picture of her kissing Olivier, with the caption, “

Paying tribute to Olivier on Instagram shortly after wrapping the ad, Cara wrote:

 ‘I love you @olivier_rousteing forever, you’re the gift that keeps on giving. My best friend and creative genius. I feel so lucky to be your partner in crime.’

We’re genuinely happy for the two best friends, and their shared love and work. (minus the awkward nude shoots, and stripping in public, of course.)