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Canadian Rapper Dies Doing a Dangerous Plane Stunt

Canadian rapper Jon James McMurray died following his attempt to do a rap stunt on the wing of a plane as the plane went into the spiral.

The Canadian stunt rapper Jon James McMurray tragically died on Monday during a music video shoot in BC. And probably the way he died is something that will strike us all as a lesson. Jon James McMurray suffered some complications in his pre-planned plane stunt. However, the rest of the plane landed safely.

But McMurray’s was found in a farmer’s field near Westworld. Friends, family, and fans have been playing tributes to the late Canadian rapper and his evident passion for stunts. The case of his death is still under investigation by the Transportation Safety Board and BC Coroners Service.

Jon James McMurray’s Plane Stunt Gone Wrong

The management team of Jon James McMurray revealed his long passion for stunts. The Canadian rapper grew up in Calgary skiing till he suffered from a back injury. As a skier, Jon James McMurray was the first one to land a Fizzle Flip- a spinning back flips between the rails. After breaking his back and shattering his heels, he resorted to music and decided to direct his stunts in this field. His music videos have millions of views online. But this plane stunt was definitely not his first one for music videos. Previously, he teamed up with Travis Pastrana and his Nitro Circus crew. As a result, we saw the Canadian rapper rapping while skydiving. And towards the climax, Jon James McMurray jumps off a bridge from the top of a moving tractor-trailer.

Friends, family, and fans have been writing heartfelt tributes for the rapper. He was an incredibly passionate person with a heart of gold, and it’s surely a great loss for the world. Especially, the music industry.