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Calum Von Moger Exposed? | Kenny KO Interview and the DNA Paternity Test

Calum Von Moger(Mr. Universe 2014-2015) allegedly tried hiding this from everyone but the DNA Paternity Test has revealed everything. In a recent interview with YouTube’s Kenny KO(Kenny Boulet), a woman(Nicola Segura) has claimed that Von Moger is the father of her 5-year-old son, Kairos. The Australian bodybuilder, however, doesn’t want the world to know about it and its reminiscent of a similar event from Arnold Schwarzenegger’s life.

Calum Von Moger’s secret son and similarities with Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Calum Von Moger

Calum Von Moger is an Australian actor and bodybuilder who is also known for his latest movie Bigger (2018), in which he plays the role of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Many compare his old school bodybuilding style and aesthetics with Arnold.

Kenny KO’s interview with a woman reveals another similarity between Calum Von Moger and Arnold Schwarzenegger and it’s quite shocking. The only difference is in the way the situation has been dealt with. When the Terminator 2 star found out about his secret son(Joseph) with housekeeper Mildred

Calum Von Moger’s situation seems to be a bit different. Here is an excerpt from a text message that Calum Von Moger wrote to the child’s mother(Nicola).

F@/k this. You’re doing this all for yourself. Don’t bother me again. When the baby is born, get a DNA paternity test to see if it’s really mine. You can be a single mum and raise it on your own.

As far as the DNA Paternity Test is concerned, the woman also provided the results and told Kenny KO that it’s a 99.9 percent match with Calum. Nicola Segura had this to say.

Yes, I have the paperwork. We did the DNA test and he is 99.9 percent father of the son.

As far as the proofs are concerned, the medical tests and the text messages look legit. But we don’t know what the truth is. Especially when Calum Von Moger responded to the claims and says that he is waiting for the test results himself.