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CallMeCarson returning to social media brings in a lot of heated opinions by fans and critics

CallMeCarson returns to social media after controversy, which sparked heated debates and opinions among his fans as well as critics.

It really is the season of controversial social media returns. After David Dobrik, Twitch streamer and YouTuber CallMeCarson also hints at a return to making his usual content. However, it was not all rosy for Carson, as his return sparked a lot of heated debates and opinions from fans as well as critics.

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In January 2021, allegations of grooming underage fans emerged against Carson. He had explicit photographs of a 17-year-old fan while he himself was 19 at the time. As a result Carson lost a lot of friends as well, after which he stopped posting on all social media platforms for months.

Now, after more than 5 months, the streamer has finally alerted fans on Twitter that he needs just a bit more time. He tweeted, saying “Give me a little bit longer”, however, the unexpected tweet sparked a heated online debate over Carson’s return

The heated debate over CallMeCarson returning to social media

CallMeCarson returning to social media brings in a lot of heated opinions by fans and critics

As expected, fans and critics were divided over CallMeCarson. There were people who supported him, people who were against him and called him a predator, whereas many highlighted the hypocrisy of fans who wouldn’t put the same attention on James Charles, who supposedly did much worse than Carson ever did.

Fans in favor of Carson

There were several fans who spoke out in favor of the streamer, also saying that the outrage CallMeCarson received was incommensurate to his crime. Moreover, they were jovial over his return as well, tweeting under the replies:

Some highlighted that Carson’s apology was appropriate and that it genuinely felt he made attempts to change himself:

Fans against Carson

Nevertheless, not everyone was a fan of CallMeCarson. Some believed he needed more time off of social media and his crimes were too severe. Others also pointed out the fact that his friends abandoned him speaks a lot of the person Carson is:

Fans comparing his action with James Charles

Lastly, a significant portion of fans highlighted how James Charles didn’t get nearly enough stick for his crimes as Carson did. Back in April, Charles apologized for sending inappropriate messages to numerous underage fans, saying however that he was unaware they were under the age of 18. As a result, Charles’ name trended on Twitter right after CallMeCarson’s tweet, with people drawing comparisons between the two, saying:

We are still not aware how long Carson will take to return on all platforms. It could be that this was an attempt to test the waters. However, the divided opinion does give an idea that Carson will need to address the allegations against him. What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments below.

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