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Bryce Hall spills the tea about Sway House!

On a recent episode of BFFs podcast, Bryce Hall talked about the future of Sway House, his departure, and his relationship with the boys.

Bryce Hall may have left Sway House, but he cannot stop talking about it. On the BFFs podcast, he sat down to talk about his departure, the future of Sway House, and who he is still friends with. At the same time, he talked about the awkward meetups with his former friends.

From the beginning, Sway House has its issues

Despite other housemates leaving, Bryce Hall stayed put and kept making content for his house. Initially, Jaden Hossler and Josh Richards left the house. The decision came after Hossler’s arrest. According to Richards, he was losing his perspective because of LA’s party culture. At the same time, the neighbors started complaining about the boys’ behavior. Not only did they party every day, but they also did not clean after themselves. However, the last straw for the house to really crumble was the complicated relationships of the boys. Few of them started dating the ex-girlfriends of their friends.

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Last month, Bryce Hall announced his departure from Sway House

Although his friends left Sway, Hall stayed put and kept Sway alive. However, he announced the news of his departure in a short, cryptic tweet. After that, Bryce Hall also made a video where he intended that he might be joining Hype House, the rival of Sway. However, Hype House never made any official statement regarding this. In an interview, Bryce Hall stated that his reason for leaving Sway was completely different than what people think. He said:

Honestly I need a friend group that works. I party, don’t get that wrong, I party my a*s off but no one works as hard as me in the group. It’s true and I need a good friend group that grinds but also parties, and that’s us guys. We party, we grind, we do business sh*t.

Bryce Hall

In a recent episode of BFFs podcast, Bryce Hall reveal his relationship with some Sway boys.

While he is still close to Josh Richards, there are a few he does not even talk to. According to Bryce Hall, he asked Noah Beck and Blake Gray to get a house together. While Beck expressed his confusion on the suggestion and communicated with Hall, Gray gave no response. Not only did Blake Gray ignore his text, he never talked about it again. After this incident, the boys had to come together for a photo shoot. According to Josh Richards, Bryce, Noah, and Blake were the first ones to show up at the shoot. When Richards arrived, he noticed Hall standing alone to the side, not talking to anyone. There was so much awkwardness in the air. At this point, Bryce Hall agreed to it.

When Dave Portnoy asked if Bryce Hall and Josh Richards ever had any fights, Richards said that they have put their differences aside. To this, Hall and Portnoy expressed their confusion. Despite Richards explaining that they had some issues while filming the reality show, Hall did not look convinced. Maybe Hall never had any issue with Richards. Turns out, Richards might have had enough of Hall after spending every single day with him. However, things are all good between them.

Bryce Hall

Although Bryce Hall has said goodbye to Sway House forever, he is optimistic about future ventures. Let’s see what new shenanigans he gets up to.

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