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Bryce Hall & Riley Hubatka finally respond to their dating rumors

Fans started thinking that Bryce Hall and Riley Hubatka might be dating after the picture they posted together but the pair said that those are just rumors.

There was a rumor going around that Bryce Hall is dating Riley Hubatka. Much of the internet was betting on this rumor to be true. And now, the duo finally responded to the dating rumors.

Bryce Hall was dating the movie star, Addison Rae but that relationship did not work out. The couple broke up five months after revealing that they were dating. Reportedly, the couple broke up because Bryce cheated on Addison, however, Bryce has denied the allegations many times. Furthermore, he went on a Las Vegas trip when he and Addison were together and rumor has it that the Youtuber cheated on his girlfriend and slept with pornstar Dana Wold when he went on that trip. Addison also had a talk with Dana on Instagram in which it seems like Dana admitted to sleeping with Bryce. Wolf also says in the screenshot that she feels sorry for Addison. Since then, Addison never really talked about Bryce after this but looks like both the parties have moved on.

Bryce Hall and Riley Hubatka are dating?

Bryce Hall & Riley Hubatka finally respond to their dating rumors

Bryce and Addison have been on and off in 2021 but their relationship finally came to an expected end. Now, it seems like both the parties have moved on and have started dating other people but nothing is confirmed, yet we have might have exciting news for you.

Bryce has been seen with famous TikToker Riley Hubatka. Bryce posted a picture of him with the TikToker and social media star and fans seemed to think that the two might be dating. Not long after the rumors, the pair decided to respond to the dating rumors that have been going around and it seems like the fans had the wrong idea.

Riley posted a video on TikTok under which one of the fans commented about the pair being together and Bryce Hall and Riley thought it might be best to address the rumors. The two just laughed at the fact of two of them dating. Bryce said:

She’s like my sister!

In the video, Bryce tries to kiss Riley but she ducks and says:

get his name out of my comments immediately.

Well, looks like we might be disappointing the fans a bit because the pair is in fact not dating. But, the internet and influencers are full of surprises. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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