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Bryce Hall & Riley Hubatka mock dating rumors in new YouTube video

Bryce Hall recently posted a video on his YouTube channel in which Bryce Hall & Riley Hubatka mocked dating rumors and he titled the video 'We Kissed'.

There were rumors that Bryce Hall and Riley Hubatka are dating but the pair denied all the dating rumors. Now, they took the confirmation to another level and made a new YouTube video in which they mocked those rumors in quite a humorous manner.

Bryce Hall was previously dating Addison Rae, but the couple broke up a month ago. Rumor has it that Addison Rae is dating someone and Bryce is also trying to move on. Addison and Bryce have been on and off in 2021 but they finally broke up a month ago. People say that the couple broke up because Bryce cheated on Addison with a p*rnstar Dana Wolf. Addison also had a chat with Dana, as she shared a screenshot of the conversation in which Dana said that she feels bad for Addison.

By the looks of it, it seemed like Dana was apologizing to Addison because Bryce cheated on her with Dana. After cheating allegations, Bryce thought it is best to address the rumors. So, Hall tweeted on his official Twitter account that all allegations are false and he in fact did not cheat. As of now, nothing is certain but it does seem like the two are trying to move on. Addison has been seen with a couple of boys after breaking up with him, whereas Bryce has also been spotted with a couple of women.

Bryce Hall & Riley Hubatka mock dating rumors

Bryce recently posted a picture of him with Riley Hubatka and fans started thinking that the two might be dating. The pair did not peak about this matter until a few days ago. After dating rumors, the two thought it’s best to address them. Bryce and Riley denied the dating rumors and joked about them.

In a recent video that Bryce Hall posted, the two mocked the dating rumors in quite an innovative manner. Bryce and Riley can be seen in the video. In the video, Bryce’s friend goes to Riley and says that he is in mad love with Riley to which replies replies ‘Wanna makeout?’. Bryce then says to Riley that she asked him to make out with her but not Bryce? In the video, Bryce says that he and Riley should kiss for the clip-it and he has titled the video ‘We Kissed’ as well.

That, I think, pretty much settles if they’re dating or not. But, you never know. It could be that Bryce is trying to keep his relationship secret for some purpose. I guess we’ll only find out in time if there is any truth to this rumor. But for now, we can say Bryce and Riley have put the rumor mill to bed.

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