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Bryce Hall responds to Corinna Kopf’s comments she made on Twitch

After last week's feud between Corinna Kopf and Bryce Hall, he has again brought it up and commented about shooting his shot.

Last week, Bryce Hall and Corinna Kopf got into a feud. After Hall got a mullet, Kopf had to comment on it. When it piqued Hall’s interest, she instantly shut him down. According to her, it was not his mullet that prompted her to comment. At the same time, she dissed him in a Twitch stream. Needless to say, things got ugly, and they both started throwing shade at each other. However, we all thought the feud was over, and they both have moved on. But it looks like Hall is still not over it. During a live session with his fans on the Diamond app, he responded to Corinna Kopf’s diss.

Last week, Bryce Hall debuted a mullet that made Corinna Kopf sit up.

On Twitter, Bryce Hall shared a picture of his mullet. While it is unclear if he liked the haircut, he appeared in Jeff Wittek’s video who cut his hair. After he shared the picture, Vlog Squad’s Corinna Kopf expressed that she finds mullets hot. Instantly, Hall took notice of her comment. However, she shut him down in her Twitch live stream. According to her, Bryce Hall is not the one she finds hot. She said:

“F**king, Bryce Hall quote tweeted me and I don’t want to be mean, but I also wanted to reply and be like, ‘No. Just no.’ Like, no offense, but you are not the mullet that made me tweet, ‘Mullets are hot.’”

In response to this, Bryce Hall tweeted:

“Daily reminder to the stuck up Insta girls: Facetune doesn’t work irl.”

Needless to say, they began a full-fledged feud on social media

After the tweet by Bryce Hall, Kopf stayed quiet. However, he felt the need to nudge further and provoke her. Therefore, he tweeted again and said:

“Btw @CorinnaKopf my Tweet at you was a joke buddy… You didn’t need to go air me out on your Twitch stream lol. Just remember, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.”

Needless to say, followers of Corinna Kopf and Bryce Hall wanted to know exactly what happened in Vegas. As expected, Hall explained that she hit on him when he was underage in Vegas. After this response went viral, Corinna Kopf hit back and said:

oh bryce here’s the attention you so desperately desire, before making outlandish accusations on tiktok about visiting u while under 18 u should’ve remembered the photos & videos taken are time stamped… did i really bruise your ego when i decided not to sleep with you?

In response to this, Bryce Hall shared a picture of the two and wrote:

oh shit that was my bad, just turned 18 ** but still, what happens in vegas stays in vegas karinna (;

Recently, Bryce Hall addressed the feud once again and ignited it.

To celebrate Halloween, Bryce Hall invited his followers to sign up on the Diamond app. Through that, the followers could directly interact with the TikTokers. During one of the face-to-face sessions, Bryce Hall brought up the feud with Corinna Kopf. While talking about it, he said:

She went on the Twitch stream and starting airing me out like boom! Both hands up, I felt like a piece of sh*t for even like expressing my feelings. What if I was actually, genuinely trying to shoot my shot and she shot me down.

When a follower asked if he was actually shooting his shot, Bryce Hall said:

No. F**k no. Been there, done that, you know what I mean?

So far, she has not responded yet. Hopefully, she does not, and Bryce Hall can also move on from this useless feud.

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