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Bryce Hall reacts to Addison Rae’s WAP dance

Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion dropped their charts-buster song WAP just a few days ago. And it has already hit 123M views on YouTube. Even though the song is very, very explicit, there is no doubt that the beats get even the haters grooving to it. Just like every famous song, WAP too has turned into a TikTok trend when a TikToker, Brian Esperon, shared a choreography on WAP and asked people to follow it. Addison Rae was one of the famous TikTokers to follow the trend, and Bryce Hall has an interesting reaction to it.

Bryce Hall sees Addison Rae’s WAP dance

Addison Rae is one of the famous TikTokers that have more than 50 million subscribers. She is also tries to stay out of the TikTok community drama, even though she has dated Bryce Hall of the Sway House. Both of them have been on and off in their relationship. And recently, things have not been so good for them. They are on a break and Bradisson fans weren’t happy to see them apart.

However, after Bryce Hall’s 21st birthday bash, many Addison fans were happy that she is not dating Bryce Hall anymore. They say she deserves someone better than him. Now, we know that Bryce Hall is a controversial TikToker-turned-YouTuber. However, he has always cared for Addison Rae. While Addison stays silent if someone asks her about Bryce, Bryce is not afraid to share his thoughts when it comes to her.

Recently, Addison Rae did the trending WAP dance challenge on TikTok. Kevin Wong & Celebrity Livin caught up with Bryce. They showed the video to Bryce Hall and asked him to react. Initially, after seeing the first few seconds of Addison Rae’s WAP dance, Bryce Hall just laughed & blushed at the question he was being asked. But when they asked him to watch the full dance and then tell what does he think about it, Bryce said:

I mean, what do you want me to say. She looks good.

Please note, he was still blushing.

@addisonrei had to do it before my mom did…. goodnight dc @besperon♬ WAP (feat. Megan Thee Stallion) – Cardi B

Updates from the Sway House

In the same videos shared by Celebrity Livin & Kevin Wong, Bryce Hall confirmed that Sway House has moved from the property. After power and water supply cut off, they were looking for a house to shift to, and seems like they have finally succeeded in doing that.

About his birthday party, Bryce Hall says that he regretted the party as soon as he threw the party. He was not expecting that many people to come to the party. However, they did and now he is facing the consequences. And he says he deserved the power cut off. Bryce Hall further added that he has learned from his mistakes, and he will not be repeating them again. He has also committed to donate to No Kid Hungry charity, to support people in these times.

Moreover, Bryce also shared his COVID test results, and those were negative.