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Bryce Hall responds to claims by Noah Beck that he isn’t “brand safe”

Once again, Noah Beck and Bryce Hall are feuding. This time, they're arguing if Hall is brand safe or not. Check out Hall's response.

Despite the breakup, the Sway House boys cannot stop throwing shade at each other. Mainly, Bryce Hall seems to be in a non-stop drama loop, responding to someone or the other. Recently, he clapped back at Noah Beck’s comment about him not being ‘brand safe.’ Someone needs to tell the Sway House boys to stop talking about him. Because if he catches a whiff of a conflict, Hall dives straight into it.

Although they were best friends at one point, Bryce Hall and Noah Beck always had issues.

When they decided to leave Sway House, Bryce Hall suggested that he, Noah Beck, and Blake Gray should move in together. However, Beck and Gray did not seem interested in that idea. Recalling the incident in his interview with Sync, Hall said:

Everyone’s noticed that Sway Boys don’t even hang out anymore. I’m cool with everyone, it’s just the tension between Noah, Blake and I just… It’s weird. They f*king did some slimy sh*t, lowkey. I brought these kids in, blew them up in Sway and then I say, ‘Yo, you guys want to get another place?’ Blake doesn’t even respond, and they’re going house-hunting behind my back even though I’m house hunting for all of us.

In the past, Bryce Hall and Noah Beck had a significant feud because of a prank. Back when Sway House was intact, Hall hired strippers to prank Beck. While he was blindfolded, the strippers danced around him. Meanwhile, Bryce Hall FaceTimed Dixie D’Amelio, Beck’s girlfriend. This caused a rift between the couple. In the end, Bryce Hall had to apologize for it and give an explanation to D’Amelio.

Recently, Noah Beck claimed that Bryce Hall is not ‘brand safe.’

During an interview with GQ, Beck talked about his insecurities, social media career, and Hall. While talking about making content with Sway House boys, Beck said:

“I can’t be in too many videos with Sway House members, because brands will see that and they’re like, ‘Oh, well, you’re doing this with Bryce, and he’s not very, like, brand-safe.’ Some creators care more about their image online, rather than trying to capitalize on all the money they could bring in if they were brand-safe.”

After the interview came out, Hall had to respond. In an Instagram story, he updated about his Ani energy drink launch. At the same time, he replied to Beck and said:

He said that I f**k up the brand deals. Bi**h I am the brand deals. Ami, Walmart, 7Eleven, Shoprite. What’s good?

It seems that since his departure, Bryce Hall has vowed to attack his former housemates at every chance he gets.