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Bryce Hall kisses Noah Beck & then breaks his heart

With a strange turn of events, Bryce Hall ended up kissing Noah Beck while the girlfriends were there to watch. It was not a role-play thing, or a fetish of some kind. In fact, Bryce Hall filmed a section of his latest vlog with his girlfriend (?) Addison Rae, Sway mate Noah Beck and Noah’s girlfriend Dixie D’Amelio. The two couples played Spin The Bottle with Truth or Dare twist. One dare led to another, and both Bryce and Noah ended up kissing each other. Some literal bromance!

Bryce Hall kisses Noah Beck

In case if you have missed his latest vlog, you will be facing a major FOMO. The second last “dare” of the game was that Bryce Hall had to kiss. Since Noah Beck was sitting opposite to him, they did kiss. However, it was more of a platonic lip kiss.

Addison Rae could be seen pushing their heads and bringing them closer for the kiss.

Moving on to the “break Noah’s heart” part, right after kissing Noah, Bryce Hall wiped his lips. Noah could not believe that Bryce would do that to him and break his heart like that.

To top off Noah’s kiss, Bryce tried kissing Addison Rae and she said she would not kiss Bryce right after he kissed Noah. That would be like cheating and breaking the girl code since Dixie D’Amelio is dating Noah Beck.

Bradisson did kiss though. You can watch it here.

Other dares

Apart from ending the game at kisses, the start of Spin The Bottle game was pretty intense. Noah Beck got to eat and swallow a raw egg. Bryce Hall took off his shirt and there was no dare in that case since he is mostly shirtless. Bryce and Noah had a pillow fight and they added their spin to it. After every hit, you could hear Noah m*aning.

Addison Rae had to kiss Bryce Hall’s foot. She was disgusted with the dare and Bryce reminded her that it’s nothing new for them. (TMI?) Oh, and remember when Dixie D’Amelio posted that she is “single”. It was a dare and now everyone can stop bugging Dixie why she tweeted that.

The fans are excited to have Bradisson together and they want tabloids to leave them alone. Bryce and Addison compliment each other and fans noticed that Bryce remains calm in her presence. We hope no one comes in between them again.