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Everything That Happened At The Bryce Hall And Josh Richards Ani Energy Meet And Greet

Everything that happened at the Bryce Hall and Josh Richards Ani Energy Meet and Greet

Bryce Hall and Josh Richards are promoting Ani Energy. Their latest stop was North Carolina where they had a lot of adventures.

Although Sway House is over, Bryce Hall and Josh Richards are still tight. Not only are they friends, but they’re also business partners. Last year, the TikTokers launched their own energy drink brand, Ani Energy. Recently, Hall and Richards went on a meet and greet trip to North Carolina. Needless to say, they had an adventurous trip.

Ani Energy

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Although it has only two flavors, Ani Energy is getting bigger and better

Everything That Happened At The Bryce Hall And Josh Richards Ani Energy Meet And Greet
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In July 2020, Bryce Hall and Josh Richards partnered to launch their own energy drink. It comes in two flavors, Black Cherry and Lemon Lime. Both TikTokers worked day and night for months, taste testing and other details. Although it’s an energy drink, Hall and Richards advertise Ani Energy as a rather unorthodox drink. According to them, it has less caffeine, sugar, and calories than other drinks.

Last month, it was announced that the drink will be sold at 400 Walmart stores

Initially, Ani Energy was sold directly to consumers or to smaller distributors. However, last month, Hall and Richards scored a massive distribution deal. They announced that the drink will be sold at 400 Walmart stores. According to Josh Richards:

They wanted to see a little bit of where Ani would go and the power that Ani had. I think Walmart was the perfect distribution because that’s where I was going as a kid, that’s the place that me and my friends looked forward to going with our parents, grabbing that one treat you might’ve got when your parents brought you shopping. So there’s a little bit of that nostalgia for me.

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Recently, Richards and Hall went to North Carolina for Ani Energy tour

In the latest episode of BFFs podcast, they shared their experience of the tour. Throughout the trip, they visited several frats and sororities as well as attended many college parties. From getting flashed to being accused of not tipping, Bryce Hall and Josh Richards had their fair share of adventures.

According to reports, Bryce Hall got a drink at a bar in North Carolina and did not tip. However, Hall says that it is not true. Although he does not completely recall the incident, he does not believe it is true. At this point, Dave Portnoy dived in and said that there is always pressure on famous people to tip more than usual.

Next up at the Ani Energy tour, the boys received a lot of hate on Yik Yak. For those who don’t know what it is, its an app where you can post anonymously about anyone within 5 miles. Remembering the incident, Richards and Hall said that they didn’t even know what this app was. People of North Carolina used to their advantage and spread fake news about Bryce Hall. Some of them also accused him of peeing on an immigrant.

When they visited the University of North Carolina, girls went a little crazy. On the podcast, they showed a video where girls kept stealing hats from Richards and Hall. At the same time, a girl gave Bryce Hall wet willies. When he sees the video, Hall immediately remembered and said how annoyed he was of this. To this, Richards said that she was in their space all the time, which made him very angry.

Another interesting incident that happened on the Ani Energy tour was Riley Hubatka meeting Hall and Richards. In June 2021, videos of Hall and Hubatka started to circulated, igniting dating rumors. However, they both denied the rumors and moved on. In a TikTok video, Hubatka claims that just because Hall was also in North Carolina, she will not drive down there to meet him. Instantly, the video cuts to Hall and Richards, sitting in a car with Hubatka. Hall tells the camera excitedly that she did drive down to meet them.

Although the Ani Energy tour was a business trip, Hall and Richards had quite an adventurous time. So far, there is no news of furthermore tours.

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