Bryce Hall gets shut down by Nikita Dragun

Alright, guys, I am here again to give you updates on Bryce Hall’s recent social media activities. But before we jump into the details. I want to give you all a little gossip scoop from Bryce’s 22nd birthday. So we all have seen Bryce kissing random people for no good reason. He kissed famous social media celebrities like Riley Hubatka, Harry Jowsey, and Ari Aguirre. And then, on his 22nd birthday, which was on 14th August, he kissed 34 random people, which was a little too much. But one kiss clearly stood out from the rest. And everything turned into slow-mo when supermodel Josie Canseco locked lips with Bryce.

There are a lot of rumors about the couple floating on the internet. And we even had to filter our own thoughts about the couple because Josie recently called Bryce Hall a kid. Not just that, she has actively turned down all of the dating rumors too. Whereas Bryce appeared in the podcast ‘Cancelled’ and shared that he is totally single and not ready to mingle. But then he keeps on changing his statements.

Bryce Hall Says He Is Dating Nikita Dragun

Bryce Hall was recently seen hanging out with Josie Canseco and Nikita Dragun after Lil Huddy x Glamnetic launch party. The TikTok Star said he was a little tipsy, so the Paparazzi could ask him whatever they wanted. And almost every single one of them asked him about what was going on between him and Josie. To which Bryce replies with, ‘ I don’t know, man. She is too shy for a friend”.

Nikita also posted a video with Bryce Hall on her Instagram and wished him a very happy belated birthday. Then Bryce goes, “We Are Dating.” Uhh!! I mean, you should stop with the kisses and stuff, Bryce.

But Nikita had a very funny response to it. She said:

And then Bryce goes like, “I am joking.” Uhh!! Maybe he needs to work on his joking skills. Anyways, Bryce also said that he is going to do a collaboration with Nikita, and it’s going to be huge. Though he didn’t give many details about the collaboration, Nikita denied them.

“You can kiss all others, never me.”

That’s it for today, guys. We all know that it’s tough to impress Nikita. And her response to Bryce’s lame joke was totally worth it. But we are still unsure about Bryce and Josie’s relationship status.

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