Bryce Hall confronts Griffin Johnson for cheating on Dixie D’Amelio

While many of the fans wanted to know why Griffin Johnson did what he did, no one was really expecting Bryce Hall to be the one confronting him. Such kind of investigatory questions are mostly asked by The Hollywood Fix, and similar news YouTubers. However, even Griffin himself was not expecting this from Bryce. Just recently, Bryce uploaded a vlog on YouTube and named it Talk about the Single Life. In the video, he talked about single life, mostly of Griffin Johnson’s. Here’s how he confronted Griffin for cheating on Dixie D’Amelio.

Bryce Hall demands answers from Griffin Johnson

When Bryce Hall uploaded his latest vlog, people expected him to either clickbait his vlog or come clean about his breakup with Addison Rae. Turned out, he just wanted to show people what he is doing in his life, being single and all. Moreover, he started questioning Griffin Johnson just so his fans do not take his vlog as a clickbait.

The Sway boys drove all the way to Tanner Fox’s house to shoot an adventurous vlog. But before started the adventure, Bryce teased Griffin with the question:

Did Griffin Johnson actually cheat?

Griffin responded with a question: why are you guys doing this to me? In fact, Griffin Johnson denied the cheating allegations and said that he did not cheat on Dixie D’Amelio. However, he confessed that he did snapchat a girl and asked her to send toes. To Griffin, this does not count as cheating on someone.

In his defense, Griffin said that he asks people to send toes all the time, and he does it as a joke. He even went ahead and said those toes were ugly and busted. After which, Blake Gray highlights that if he wanted toe pics that bad, he could have asked Dixie D’Amelio for her toe pics.

The topic of discussion was quickly changed to Blake Gray’s dating life after that. And Griffin Johnson did not answer the question that why he did not ask Dixie for her toe picture.

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