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Bryce Hall confirms Sway House is moving out after power and water cut off

Bryce Hall has been facing many issues since the day he turned 21. The Sway boys were celebrating birthdays and hosting parties back to back in their Hollywood Hills house. Sway House recently moved to the house after their neighbors kept complaining in their previous house. But they are not staying there for long. After Mayor of LA authorized the punishment, the power and water supply to the Sway House has been cut off due to their huge parties amid p*ndemic. Bryce says they deserved it, however, they are moving out. Does that mean there will be no apology video from the Sway Boys?

Bryce Hall says he deserves it, but he is moving out

Leasing a house and finding a new one soon is not an easy task. Moving from one house to another is also hectic. However, seems like Bryce Hall, Blake Gray and Noah Beck are all set to make the big move again. They recently moved to a secluded house in Hollywood Hills, expecting that they would be free to host parties without getting into trouble with their neighbors. However, hosting parties amid global p*ndemic was not a brilliant idea. Bryce Hall had 100+ guests on his 21st birthday bash, and none of them was following the required SOPs of social distancing.

Though there are no updates whether anyone was infected with the virus. But there is no doubt that everyone was exposed at the party. Many citizens filed complaint against the Sway House. Following which, Mayor of LA took the decision to cut off the electricity and water supply of the said house on Tuesday. And when that didn’t happen, Bryce Hall, Noah Beck and the Sway boys started mocking the authorities. They said their water was the hottest and electricity was the brightest that Tuesday.

But they reacted too soon. There electricity and water supply has been cut off now. And when The Hollywood Fix asked them about it, Bryce Hall said that they deserved it. But, instead of apologizing to the Mayor and other citizens of LA, Bryce simply said that they are moving out and shifting to a new house soon.

They have been spending most of their time with Griffin Johnson and the Sway Gaming House apparently. Where are they moving now, only time will tell.