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Bryce Hall challenges Corinna Kopf to boxing match

After their feud over a mullet, Bryce Hall has challenged Corinna Kopf to a boxing match. She has expressed her interest in the sport.

A few weeks back, Bryce Hall and Corinna Kopf engaged in a heated argument on social media. It all began when Hall mistook her love for mullet as flirting with him. However, he took offense when she shut him down and called her stuck up. At the same time, he accused her of hitting on him when he was underage. Recently, he challenged her to a boxing match. In the past, Kopf has expressed interest in boxing.

When Bryce Hall sported a mullet, Corinna Kopf took notice, or so he thought.

In a tweet, Bryce Hall debuted a mullet courtesy of Jeff Wittek. Right after his picture was posted, Corinna Kopf tweeted and expressed her love for mullet. This led to Hall raising his hopes and thinking it might be his mullet she loves. However, Kopf shut him down and said:

“F**king, Bryce Hall quote tweeted me and I don’t want to be mean, but I also wanted to reply and be like, ‘No. Just no.’ Like, no offense, but you are not the mullet that made me tweet, ‘Mullets are hot.’”

In response to this, Bryce Hall called her a “stuck-up insta girl” and accused Corinna Kopf of hitting on him when he was a teenager. However, Kopf called these allegations outlandish and called Hall an attention seeker.

Recently, Bryce Hall challenged her to a boxing match

Although Corinna Kopf has seemed to move on, Bryce Hall is still not over the incident. On Halloween, he expressed his shock at Kopf shutting him down and admitted to his fans:

She went on the Twitch stream and starting airing me out like boom! Both hands up, I felt like a piece of sh*t for even like expressing my feelings. What if I was actually, genuinely trying to shoot my shot and she shot me down.

Recently, Bryce Hall visited a boxing studio, and someone asked him to fight in a match asap. In response to him, he said that he was only waiting for a contract. When the person suggested that he hates a lot of people, Bryce Hall said:

Corinna, what’s good?

This led to him and others laughing. At the same time, his friend claimed he would make a s**t ton of money.

In the past, Corinna Kopf has expressed her interest in fighting in a boxing match.

After the YouTubers like KSI, Jake, and Logan Paul started the boxing trend, many people joined in. Last year, Austin McBroom organized the Battle of Platforms and fought with Bryce Hall. Similarly, Corinna Kopf expressed her interest in fighting her fellow female YouTubers. When Mike Majlak of ImPaulsive asked if she would fight the Cancelled host, Kopf thought she could easily beat her. Like Kopf, Mongeau is also interested in boxing. According to Corinna Kopf:

“Yes. I don’t mean to be an a–hole but she just seems very sloppy, drunk or not.”

With that spirit, it would not be a surprise if Kopf beat Bryce Hall in the boxing match. Honestly, someone should make it happen.

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