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Bryce Hall receives backlash for lying that he hooked up with Selena Gomez

After Bryce Hall lied about hooking up with Selena Gomez, people called him out. One TikToker really went off and bashed him.

Recently, Bryce Hall made a claim which has upset many people. During an episode of the YouTube web series Reality House, the YouTuber claimed that he had hooked up with Selena Gomez. While he later admitted that he was joking, people do not have it. A few days ago, a TikToker posted a video where he bashed Hall and called him out. At the same time, people on Twitter have been trolling him and calling him delusional.

A few days back, Bryce Hall claimed to hook up with Selena Gomez.

On the third season of Reality House, people got a surprise when Bryce Hall joined the contestants. Immediately, people knew that they would cause trouble but would also entertain. During one of the episodes of the web series, the contestants played Never Have I Ever. One of the game’s questions was, Never Have I Ever Hooked Up with an A-lister? To this, Bryce Hall replied:

“Wait, do we count… Is Selena Gomez an A-list?”

Although no one really believed him, the Cancelled host called him out for lying. Shortly after that, Hall himself revealed that he was, in fact, only joking. According to him, people should not take it seriously.

However, people did, in fact, take it seriously and called out the TikToker

Immediately after the episode of Reality House came out, people reacted to Bryce Hall’s statement. According to them, he should not be joking about these things. At the same time, people accused him of using Gomez’s name for clout. According to one person:

In 2021 almost 2022 it’s funny to lie that you were intimate with a woman? OK??

Meanwhile, another person seemed to be angry with Bryce Hall, saying, “Bryce Hall literally has the most punchable face in the world.”

According to one person:

bryce is the type of guy who would tell the school you guys sleep together if you turn him down for a date

One person really went off on him for using Selena Gomez’s name. Another Twitter user called his career a flop.

On TikTok, Mizfit called Bryce Hall out, and they had a mini-feud

According to a TikToker, Bryce Hall is immature for lying about Selena Gomez. In a series of TikToks, he called out a fellow TikToker and said:

“Shut up Bryce Hall. We all know Selena Gomez is too good for you. This is not the first time you tried to get clout from her. I thought we stopped doing this when you said that Arian Grande tried to get clout from you. The only reason why you brought up Selena Gomez is because you know she’s an A-lister and that she’ll bring attention to your flop reality show.

In response to this, Bryce Hall said:

Its a joke lol People like you reacting to it with such hostility is what brings me enjoyment to this platform.

However, Mizfit had none of it. He responded:

First of all, little boy, shut up. Its never funny to joke about women like that. People like you think they can say whatever they want or do whatever they want without people reacting to it. Please stop the lying, its never cool to lie. So shut up before I put you in the corner for saying something like that. You think its okay to say anything because your fans are 12 year olds who will believe anything you say. You’re done, you’re done.

At this point, Bryce Hall will do and say whatever he wants. Therefore, it will just be a waste of time trying to make him understand the consequences of his words.