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Bryce Hall says ‘Addison Rae is my sister’ after dining out with her family

Addison Rae, the famous TikToker, has finally come back from the unannounced hiatus of a week. She took a break from the internet after many people started demanding a public apology from her for blackfishing and old posts about Black Lives Matter. Now that she has apologized to everyone, she is seen hanging out with her friends and family. In fact, her most recent dine-out was accompanied by her family and Bryce Hall. That seemed pretty interesting to many before Bryce Hall called Addison his sister. Why would he do that? Keep reading for details.

Bryce Hall sister-zoning Addison Rae?

The HollyWood Fix is giving us all the inside scoop these days by practically catching all the TikTokers and asking questions that fans want answered so bad. And yes, they were outside the restaurant when Addison Rae and Bryce Hall came out after having dinner. In fact, they were greeted with “cute couple alert” and Addison couldn’t stop laughing.

When asked if they were officially dating, Bryce Hall said:

This is like my sister.

But since Addison was just laughing, everyone could see it’s just a joke. After moving away from the main topic, they posed for the cameras and teased the Paparazzi for their clickbaity titles.

Addison Rae also talked about staying in contact with Charli D’Amelio. She also seemed really happy for being able to go out now.

The family joins in

Addison Rae and Bryce Hall were out having dinner with her family. Addison also introduced her family for the cameras and talked about them being on the TikTok. They all also promoted Bryce Hall’s upcoming Merch that drops this Saturday.

New Sway members joining soon & TikTok getting banned

Apart from their relationship discussion and upcoming merch, Bryce Hall also answered a few questions about new Sway Boys joining the team. He also dropped a major hint that Josh Richards would be joining the Sway House team again. While discussing the expected TikTok ban, Bryce said he really thinks TikTok will be getting banned  in the US. But he is not worried about it and said they’d move to YouTube.

When The Hollywood Fix teased them about making a YouTube channel together, Bryce laughed at that and said: “Yeah, like the Ace Family”. Well, we know the ace family do not have brother-and-sister.

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