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Bryce Hall gives his blessings to Addison Rae & Omer Fedi

While Addison Rae has moved on with Omer Fedi, Bryce Hall does not seem to be over her. However, he gives his blessings to the couple.

Addison Rae and Bryce Hall dated for some time. They broke up. Rae moved on but has her ex been able to do the same? Recently, Hall appeared on the BFFs podcast, and guess what he talked about? Yes, that’s right. Rae and her love life. Not that she cares (hopefully) but does Hall approve of her new boyfriend? Keep reading.

While they were on-again and off-again, their fans were spinning around in circles.

The rumors began in 2019 when Addison Rae started collaborating with Hall on TikTok videos. On New Year’s Eve, Bryce Hall made a series of videos kissing his guy friends. At the end of the video, he and Rae kissed as well. This put more fuel to the dating rumors. However, Hall announced in a tweet that they were not dating. At the same time, Addison Rae’s mother also confirmed that they were not a ‘thing’. Needless to say, the cat-and-mouse-like situation continued, where fans kept finding hints. Finally, Rae ended the topic by declaring that they tried but could not find the time for a relationship. Now you would think that that’s the end of it. But no, the saga continues. From August 202 to March 2021, the former couple again began hinting at their relationship. They also announced it in a YouTube video. However, it seemed too good to be accurate and came to an end for real in March.

Since that breakup, Addison Rae ad made a film, released a single, and found love again.

Once again, she made headlines when rumors flew that she was dating Omer Fedi, a guitarist. However, this time she did not respond at all until the relationship had solidified. Although the dating rumors have been circulating since July, Fedi confirmed it only recently. In an Instagram story, he expressed his pride for Addison Rae making her Hollywood debut. He wrote:

‘Me and my baby are both number 1 atm. I’m so, so, so proud of her. Wonder if we’re the first couple to ever do that with a movie and a song? Anyway, love you babe.’

At the moment, Rae is enjoying the success, or lack of, of her film, He’s All That.

In a recent episode of BFFs, Bryce Hall again brought up his ex.

During the interview, Dave Portnoy asked Bryce Hall about his ‘complicated’ dating life. The topic turned to Addison Rae and Hall’s cameo in her film. When Dave asked if they were civil, Hall said that he thought they were good. Although they haven’t talked, they are both civil. According to Hall, he already knew about Omer Fedi and Rae’s relationship. Apparently, Fedi accidentally posted Addison Rae’s picture on his Instagram. It makes you wonder what Bryce Hall was doing stalking Fedi.

Furthermore, Dave compared Hall and Fedi and implied that Rae has a variety of boyfriends. While Fedi is a rock star, Hall is the opposite. To this, Bryce Hall said:

You should have seen her boyfriend before me.

Addison Rae’s pre-fame boyfriend apparently was a good, Christian, Southern boy. It looks like Rae has not yet found her type.

While this interview is over and done with, I’m sure Hall is still not done talking about Addison Rae. Do you want to bet?

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