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Bryan Cranston Reunites With Old Co-star From Malcolm in the Middle Jane Kaczmarek

It’s always lovely when reunions happen and its all the more great when it’s your favorite couple from your favorite TV show.

Bryan Cranston and Jane Kaczmarek Meet Again

Bryan Cranston, in his most recent Instagram post, shared a picture with one of his old co-stars. It’s none other than Jane Kaczmarek. Both actors have formerly worked together in the hit 2000’s TV show Malcolm in the Middle. Bryan captioned the post,

Hal & Lois together again.
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Hal and Lois Reunited

Bryan and Jane’s characters Hal and Lois were married together in the show, Malcolm in the Middle. They were the parents of the protagonist of the show, Malcolm. Hal was somewhat of an awkward character while Lois was this firm lady who kept him and their children in place. But even with these personality clashes, the characters made a lovely couple and we loved seeing them on the screen. Which makes their reuniting again all the more special.

It’s not us that are emotional over this reunion. Many fans of the show are expressing how they feel about this reunion. In the comment section of Bryan’s post, fans have commented on how much they miss the show to how much they’re feeling the nostalgia. There is however this one comment that really hits home. A fan wrote,

i like the show but never really watched it as a kid like that. but it just reminds me of the early 2000s. im about to hit my mid 20s now and man. i want to be a kid again. i just really miss that time in my life. would do anything to get it back.

And we agree.

Bryan Cranston has also worked in another hit TV show Breaking Bad.