Britney Spears goes topless in new steamy Instagram post

Britney Spears goes topless in new steamy Instagram post

Pop icon Britney Spears recently posted some steamy pictures on her Instagram account, posing topless in front of her 32 million followers.

For the past month, Britney Spears‘s court-mandated conservatorship has been at the center of the news. With the pop icon eager to end her repressive conservatorship once and for all, she is finally trying to take her own life’s decision into her own hands. So far, she has barely been able to make any decisions by herself, with her father even being able to control the time she spends with her boyfriend and her birth control. However, on social media, things are different. Britney Spears recently decided to take matters into her hands on Instagram.

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Britney Spears goes topless in new steamy Instagram post
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On Sunday, Britney decided to give her 32 million fans a treat on Instagram. The singer posted a very steamy photo, covering her assets with her hands as she posed topless. The photo almost instantly went viral, amassing over 3 million likes, with millions of her fans commending her for showing her body the love that it deserves. Celebrity and businesswoman Paris Hilton commented as well, saying “That’s hot”. Other fans were praising her, saying that she broke the internet and that a free woman should do as she pleases. However, Britney was not done yet.

Britney Spears keeps reposting

She then later posted another steamy topless photo, this time even surpassing her last one. It was so explicit that she had to cover some parts of her body with some effects for it to be post-able on Instagram. However, she kept on deleting and reposting the photo, with now the photo coming online for the third time. Many fans questioned her in the replies too, a bit bewildered about what actually was going on. Some even alleged that someone is forcing her to delete this photo, but the star persists to post it again, taking agency over her body. But, truth is that no one knows the true story as of right now.

It’s good that Britney Spears is trying her best to take control of her body. However, her conservatorship is not as forgiving. Her conservators, including her father Jamie Spears, are forcing her to keep her IUD, preventing her from having children. This is despite the fact that Britney wants children, as she clearly explained in her infamous court hearing. With recent proceedings, conservators withdrawing the arrangement, and the details reaching the news, the conservatorship is finally unraveling. How long will it survive is yet to be seen.

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