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Brianna LaPaglia Has New Boyfriend After Breakup With Nik Pelligrino?

The BFFs podcast co-host and TikTok star Brianna LaPaglia or better known as Brianna Chickenfry has confirmed that she broke up with long-time boyfriend Nik Pelligrino. It doesn’t come as a surprise though since the last time they posted social media pictures together was back in December 2021.

However, what does come as a pleasant surprise is that Brianna LaPaglia is seeing someone new!

Brianna opens up about the breakup with Nik

When someone asked her how she was doing with her breakup, she replied saying:

“Was hard in the beginning. Living my best life now.”

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Another fan asked her for the best advice on a sh*tty breakup. It wasn’t clear that Brianna was talking about her break-up in particular but she gave some pretty good advice:

“Not everyone is meant to be in your life forever. Relationships come and go, when some do end make sure take the positives with you. Be grateful you got to know that person. Now go find your new person.”

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Brianna LaPaglia also posted photos with another guy with who she seems to be romantically involved with

Shortly after sharing that detail of her past breakup, Brianna shared photos with her new beau on Instagram! And she captioned her kissing picture as “Eating shit”.

Moreover, she even wished the mystery boyfriend on his birthday with a cozy picture of them together and a lovely caption!

Happy birthday sweet cheeks <3

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We’ll definitely keep you posted for more updates on Brianna’s love life!

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