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Josh Richards & Brianna LaPaglia Debunk Dating Rumours On BFFs Podcast

At this time they discussed Josh & Brianna when Markell was on the BFFS podcast.

Dave Portnoy asked Brianna LaPaglia and Josh what was going on between the two

Brianna LaPaglia responds first by stating:

“Well, Josh you posted that picture!”

To which Josh said:

“Why’d your photographer take the photo?”

Brianna replied saying that the photos were fire, something that Josh agreed to as well. So, they just posted the flirtatious pictures because the photos were a fire? It seems to be the case!

Brianna LaPaglia shared that the whole situation was hilarious because she thinks of Josh as her little brother.

“People were loving it like everyone trying to ship me and Josh. I’m like it’s like my little brother.”

Josh Richards also thought it was hilarious but he shared that the two were just having a great time partying together:

“We were just setting great vibes for the night. Sorry that we just you know, love to party.”

Dave Portnoy also shared that he didn’t think the “grinding” video was that intense. Brianna and Josh were simply having a great time together as friends. Josh even called it a “middle school twerk” that Bri did on Josh.

However, Markell Washington made a hilarious remark saying that Brianna was putting that “p*ss” on Josh Richards. Though, it was definitely a joke.

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