Breaking News: Trisha Paytas Wedding Pictures Are Here

While many people are still wondering what is happening in Jason Nash’s life and why is he still single, his ex-girlfriend is on her way to the Las Vegas Chapel right now. Yes, Trisha Paytas is getting married (as per receipts so far, she really is). If it turns out to be a prank laters, do not blame us, blame her. Trisha has been on one hell of a roller-coaster ride this year. She broke up with Jason Nash, called David Dobrik horrible, exposed the Vlog Squad, came out as Transgender, hooked up with Aaron Carter, took a part in Kian & JC’s reality show, and released some amazing music back to back. In fact, she recently completed her The Heartbreak Tour, and she is shifting her residence as well. (Hi, you are giving us whiplash). Well, Trisha Paytas wedding pictures are starting to drop on her Instagram and we have yet to see the groom.

Trisha Paytas Wedding Pictures

Now, many people accused Trisha to steal the thunder of Jeffree Star x Shane Dawson Conspiracy Collection Launch by getting married on the same day. In fact, some even believed she is getting married to the palette. However, Trisha spilled some tea in her latest podcast. When she confirmed her future husband is an actor and his daughter basically contacted her. It was a total shock to many. Even her ex-boyfriend believed if Trisha Paytas’ husband is an actor, he will be a pornstar then.

We have yet to see the groom because sharing this update was really important. Trisha Paytas is carrying her BFF Shane Dawson’s conspiracy collection products with her. She even used the palette and lipstick for her bridal look. We have to agree, the shades look good on her.

Where Are Her Friends?

Trisha Paytas is sharing her bridal pictures and behind-the-scenes with her family, mother and sister to be precise. They even took a ride to the Little Vegas Chapel a few minutes ago. However, as of now, there is no update on the groom yet. In fact, only her mother and sister are with Trisha and there is no sign of Trisha Paytas’ husband yet. She even said he is a private person so we may not get to see him yet. That’s totally unfair if it is a real marriage. (Trisha Paytas claimed in her podcast that her wedding is not like Cancelled podcast host and Jake Paul wedding, it is real).

While Jason Nash’s ex-girlfriend shared some receipts on her YouTube channel, none of those included a wedding license. If it is legit, there should be one. Stay tuned for more Trisha Paytas wedding pictures and updates.

Her friend Cedric Botelho shared a wedding wish on his Instagram stories. This really does look real.

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