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Breaking Bad’s RJ Mitte & Angel Giuffria Talk Disability Representation in Hollywood

‘Breaking Bad‘ star RJ Mitte and Green Lantern ‘bionic actress’ Angel Giuffria are determined to innovate disability depiction in Hollywood Industry.

RJ Mitte and Angel Giuffria Talked About Disabled Characters

Mashable originals have recently released a video with the caption, ‘How Disabled Actors are changing the Hollywood’. The priceless video clip features RJ Mitte and Angel Giuffria, decisive enough to bring revolution in Hollywood disability representation.

Actually, Mashable is a renowned creator of short documentaries. These documentaries feature effective personalities, innovations, and constructive transitions from around the world. This time the documentary is turning the spotlight on disabled Hollywood actors.

The Bionic Amputee Of Green Lantern, Angel Giuffria

Angel Giuffria describes herself as a bionic actress. Angel, in fact, is a congenital sufferer. She doesn’t have an arm by birth. The actress thus wears a high-tech prosthetic arm to conduct her daily activities. Mashable exclusively highlights the strength of this versatile actress.

Angel has performed in Green Lantern, The Accountants and The Hunger Games. The documentary addresses her struggles for pursuing a career in acting with a disability. It’s a complicated problem. They have to ensure disability representation in Hollywood is accurate. But also make sure that the disability doesn’t become the defining characteristic of the characters.

The actress, however, wants to find acting roles that aren’t too focused on the fact that she has a bionic arm. In fact, Angel likes her role in Hover, where she played Flower Clerk a character without any techno support. The Green Lantern actress further stressed that despite her disability, she is much more than that. She’s a daughter, a sister and a friend. Hollywood should understand this when representing disabled people on the big screen.

Breaking Bad Fame RJ Mitte Defeated His Cerebral Weakness

Another similar case is the Breaking Bad actor RJ Mitte, playing the character of Walter Jr. a teenage businessman with cerebral palsy.

Like Angel Giuffria, Mitte is also tired of all those disability performances. He talked to Mashable,
 “After Breaking Bad I had to have kind of a career switch because every role and every good role and paying role that I got I was going to get I was drooling in a wheelchair”
The actor revealed that among 100 top films of 2017, only  2.5% characters displayed disabilities. However, in reality, people with disabilities make up a significant portion of the world in the U.S. In fact, one in five Americans falls into the handicap category.

Disability Representation in Hollywood

 It’s not novel that Hollywood neglects actors with disabilities. However, these actors performed better than normal actors. As a matter of fact, historically many disabled actors have performed iconic roles in Hollywood movies and TV shows and have never let their incapacity to stop them from advancing ahead.

Breaking Bad’s RJ Mitte And Angel Giuffria Want To Reshape The Disability Concept In Hollywood

According to these reformers,
“It takes time to change your mindset because people took disability as a weakness. People need to change their views and should take disability as an asset and knowledge.”

They further emphasize that disability is a personal challenge to face like the popular character NEMO, who faced all the troubles along with her undersized limb.

Breaking Bad, created by Vince Gilligan and starring Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, ended in 2013 after 5 seasons. Since then RJ Mitte has had 18 acting roles. He’s made an appearance on Switched At Birth and Who’s Driving Doug. Currently, he has 4 projects lined up: Escape From Paradise, Somebody Like You, Standing up for Sunny and Triumph.
Angel Giuffria is currently working on a horror movie Not for the Faint Hearted.