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Boris Johnson Tests Positive For Coronavirus!

We have just received news that Boris Johnson, the British Prime Minister has tested positive for Coronavirus! Let's take a look.

Today, another head of state joins the list of World leaders affected by Coronavirus. We have breaking news from 10 Downing Street in the UK. Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland has tested positive for COVID-19!

Boris Johnson reveals the news himself!

A few minutes ago, Boris Johnson went to Twitter and told the world that he just tested positive for COVID-19 coronavirus (SARS-CoV2). He wrote in his post that:

Over the last 24 hours I have developed mild symptoms and tested positive for coronavirus.

Naturally, the first thing anyone should do in these conditions is to self-isolate. And that is what Boris Johnson did, as he mentioned in his tweet:

I am now self-isolating, but I will continue to lead the government’s response via videoconference as we fight this virus.

The tweet was also accompanied by a video message. In that, he thanked the NHS staff, police, social care workers, teachers, and everyone else currently working to provide basic facilities. Moreover, he also praised the 600,000 volunteers across the country, who have taken part in the fight against Coronavirus in the UK.

Moreover, in the end, Boris Johnson emphasized how important it is to maintain social distancing and working from home. Only then can the UK combat this disease and get back to their daily routine. Here’s his tweet, along with his video message:

Coronavirus in the UK

Boris Johnson’s positive testing only shows how wide-scale the pandemic has become in the UK. According to recent statistics, the UK is the 9th most affected country in the world. There are around 11,658 confirmed cases, with 10,940 active ones and 578 deaths. ironically, Boris Johnson’s own government has been in constant scrutiny for delaying the UK lockdown. He did so to adopt a “herd immunity” strategy, which clearly hasn’t worked out. Because of this, COVID-19 will peak by Easter in the UK. For now, the spread is really getting out of hand. That is why Johnson’s government was forced to impose the lockdown.

World leaders who contracted Coronavirus

Sadly, the British Prime Minister isn’t the first world leader to test positive for COVID-19. Just yesterday, news came from Clarence House in the UK that Prince Charles tested positive for Coronavirus. Similarly, many heads of state and important ministers across the world have tested positive over the past few weeks. These include the First lady of Canada, Iran’s deputy health minister, and the UK’s own health minister too.