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BoJack Horseman’s Mr. Peanutbutter Cameo On Game Of Thrones

While we anxiously await a release date for Netflix’s BoJack Horseman Season 6, the show’s cast remains occupied with its own gigs. Now if this isn’t something to get crazy about. Here we have our hair going grey waiting for just a trailer for BoJack Horseman season 6, and there the titular horse is busy watching his sitcom rival, Mr. Peanutbutter’s cameo on Game Of Thrones. And how do we know this? Well, in honor of the Game Of Thrones Series Finale last Sunday, BoJack’s twitter account has shared a snap of Mr. PeanutButter’s guest appearance as Jon Snow’s Ghost.

Check it out:

Mr. Peanutbutter Makes His Game Of Thrones Debut

Now, of course, Mr. Peanutbutter must have had to put in a lot of effort to be on the show. I mean, he evidently has bleached his yellow Labrador fur, and we all know what bleach does to hair (or fur) right? What’s worse is that BoJack felt bad for not being one of those many horses on the show. Just imagine, he could have been the majestic horse the Lord Of The Light probably sent to Arya‘s rescue after Daenerys had Dracarys-ed the entire King’s Landing.

It would actually be a hilarious idea if BoJack Horseman attempts to take a jab at Game of Thrones in its Season 6. In its last season, BoJack Horseman rolled its own fictional show, Philbert, only to satirize True Detective. In fact, given all the drama around the fan petitions and mixed reactions to the Game of Thrones series finale, poking fun at the HBO fantasy would create some epic moments of hilarity.

BoJack Horseman Season 6 Release Date, Trailer, Plot, And Rumors

At this point, Raphael Bob – Waksberg has neither set a release date nor released a trailer for BoJack Horseman Season 6. The last time when the show was on Netflix, BoJack was in rehab after almost killing his Philbert co-star. Mr.Peanutbutter, on the other hand, was preparing to marry Pickles. Waksberg has showcased serious issues in the industry such as sexual assault, depression and substance abuse in a nuanced and meaningful way. So, we can expect the upcoming season to be even greater.

There will be a lot to cover once BoJack Horseman returns for its sixth season. The show’s rival, Rick and Morty has already announced that it will return for its Season 4 in November. Hence, we can anticipate BoJack Horseman to set a release date for its Season 6 soon.

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