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Blaire White | Trans Accused of Transphobia Shuts Down Haters

Blaire White is a popular YouTuber and trans activist. She rose to popularity for being a Trump supporter. Though, now isn’t a conservative anymore and deems herself a ‘Republican with liberal beliefs’. Though, she always champions trans rights and has very strong opinions. Due to her being open and unfiltered, people often call her transphobic. The trans activist has had enough. She’s responding to all the allegations in her recent video.

She starts off with telling her audience what the video is about:

Today we are responding to a bunch of people who seem to think that because I don’t believe every single minute  detail of their belief about trans people and all gender, that that makes me transphobic despite being trans myself.

She then went on to explain how everyone thinks shes transphobic due to some particular beliefs she has of the trans community. Blaire White has some strong opinions.

Just because I believe that seven year olds should not be going to doctors appointments about how to stop their puberty or that biologically male athletes should not be able to steal championships and titles from biologically female athletes

Blaire White Bashes a Journalist

(I hope she doesn’t bash this article). Anyhow, she picked out an article that was titled ‘Trans people can be transphobic too‘ which was addressing Blaire White directly.

The article claimed that White doesn’t think non-binary people exist and that it’s wrong of her to think of being trans as a medical issue.

The trans activist dealt with these claims. Firstly, she said that she’s aware of non-binary people existing. She just simply doesn’t think that non-binary people and trans people belong to the same category. Blaire White further highlighted how sexuality can have its distinct categories but people don’t like it when people are categorizing gender identity.

Moreover, she does think being trans is a medical issue because it is basically that.

Blaire White Does Not Have Internalized Transphobia!

The YouTuber doesn’t appreciate people thinking she has internalized transphobia. People think it explains her slightly unconventional views on trans issues.

She set the record straight by saying that she does not hate herself for being trans. Blaire White also mentioned how she would not have the same mindset if she was still young, and still suffering from gender dysphoria. Gender Dysphoria refers to a condition when you don’t emotionally and mentally feel like the gender that you biologically are.

After dealing with her issues and coming out, White is confident of herself. Now, she loves being trans:

I’m at now at 26 and I feel like maybe people aren’t used to hearing this and the narrative is so different and it’s always about how being trans is so hard and I hate it so much but I actually like that I’m trans

She clarified that there are still struggles but she would not have had her great life today if she was not trans:

Don’t get me wrong there cons and downsides as are to any walk of life however you just come to a certain point in your life where you actually appreciate what makes you different and what makes you unique. And I feel like there’s so many experiences in my life and things I’ve gotten to do – wouldn’t have happened if I was not trans and I cannot imagine my life any other way so I actually really love being trans.

The Claim of Blaire White Being Privileged

People think that she invalidates trans people who have not had surgeries yet because she herself was privileged enough to afford surgery to change her body. The YouTuber cleared this up by stating that she worked hard herself to pay for all the surgeries herself. She relied on no one else, even sharing that her father passed away at 19.

let me just say I didn’t grow up like dirt poor but I did not grow up with money. Honey literally every single thing I own and my transition surgically and everything was paid and funded for completely by me and the work that I do. I left the house at 18 have supported myself ever since.

White thinks that people often misunderstand her just because she has a different way of saying things and fighting for trans rights. Ultimately, her main goal is to better the image of trans people and remove the things that people are getting wrong about it.

She Just Wants To Better the Trans Community

That’s why she even points out problematic people in the trans community such as Jessica Yaniv. Yaniv was a transgender who was later found out to be a pedophile who was exploiting her status as a trans woman.

Blaire doesn’t understand why people only want to hear trans stories and viewpoints through a narrow lens:

There are normal trans people out there who don’t believe all these radical things. Why don’t those trans people get a voice. You know there’s so many people who talk about how like every trans story needs to be heard. And we have to listen to trans people. That’s great but why is it only on your terms? why is there one narrative?…Everyone should be heard.

Blaire White wants everyone to have more of an open mind when it comes to trans issues.

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