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Blaire White Condemns Shane Dawson’s actions and calls him monster

As we all know, Shane Dawson’s career is taking a major blow. This is due to the resurfacing of his old problematic behavior. Shane’s old videos show him making racist, homophobic, and pedophilic jokes in the past. Recently, a video of him making an awful joke targeted at a then eleven-year-old Willow Smith has made everyone angry, including the Smith Family. Blaire White was made aware of these events taking place and she condemns Shane Dawson’s actions.

In her Jeffree Star expose video, Blaire White also opened up about Shane Dawson

She had to film another segment addressing the Shane Dawson situation because the video of him pretending to se*ually gratifying himself to a poster of Willow Smith came out while she was filming her original video. Blaire was completely shocked at what Shane had done and condemned his actions:

I just have to say that I most definitely don’t condone any of that. I wasn’t aware that that was a thing. That those jokes were a thing. That those statements by him were a thing. They go beyond the limit.

Blaire White also stated that she realized she needed to address this because her channel often focuses on catching pedophiles and child predators. Moreover, she and Shane were good friends for the longest time so her fans were going to ask for her opinion on the matter.

She calls his jokes as taking comedy too far and that ‘if no one’s laughing then it’s not really a joke.’

Moreover, Blaire White felt really hurt by having to go against Shane Dawson, since she felt a closeness to him:

I feel like a very intense loyalty to Shane because he’s done so much for me and he was one of the first people to give me a chance and one of the reasons why people even know my name.

However, Blaire White stood by what she said. She also broke down on her Instagram Stories:

Blaire White Shane Dawson, Jeffree Star, James Charles

People started to say Blaire White fell into Jeffree Star’s trap

After her video ‘Bye Jeffree Star. You’re A Monster. (MY EXPERIENCE)’ went live, many people talked about it online. Some of them even commented that she had fallen in the trap of Jeffree Star without realizing it. They were pointing out the fact that she had no proof to back up the fact that someone was an alleged victim of James Charles:

Last time we cancelled James Charles way too quick. Let’s wait for actual proof this time. Jeffree Star is a monster, Blaire white played right into Jeffree’s hands and Shane Daweson is a pedo and made out with his dog. WTF to all of this.

Another one said this:

Blaire doesn’t think she fell into Jeffree’s trap

In response to all this, Blaire White posted another thing on her Instagram Stories.

I agree that it’s possible I fell into Jeffree’s trap by making this video. This theoretically could have been what he wanted (although he probably never expected me to bash him). HOWEVER, I don’t personally think this is the case.

Blaire White then elaborates on her reasons and shares that Jeffree tried to contact her when she was teasing the story on her Instagram. Moreover, she also shares Shane Dawson’s involvement in this:

When I teased on my IG story a few days before this video that I wanted to do it. He immediately tried Facetiming me. When I didn’t pick up, I immediately got a call from Shane. Both of them were frantic about me doing this and wanted me NOT TO. That’s important for everyone to know.

Blaire deems Shane and Jeffree ‘monsters’

After sharing that Shane Dawson also didn’t want her to make an expose video on Jeffree Star, she goes on to explain why they’re both problematic:

All these people have dirt on each other. I’m starting to see they’re all monsters. I’m starting to see that the upper echelon of YouTube is similar to politics – the top players are all blackmailing, power-drunk people who weaponize secrets like se*ual assault. They secretly record each other, they keep records on each other and ultimately try to control everyone. I’ts scary and I want no part of it.

Moreover, Blaire White claimed that she was done with this world and these people and that she never wanted to even see their names again. She will go back to doing videos she normally does.

Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star have not responded to any of the drama that’s happening right now

Things are not looking good for Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star. Shane has not made any social media announcement or posted any video on YouTube after Jada Pinkett Smith and Jaden Smith publicly called him out. His career is already being affected as Target removes his books from their stores.

Meanwhile, Jeffree Star gets caught in a lie while he tries to escape the drama that’s happening in the beauty world. He pretends to go on a birthday trip with his grandmother but some eagle-eyed commentators pointed out that he used a picture that he had already posted on his Twitter in January.

James Charles has not addressed the video that Blaire White has talked about yet.

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