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Bill Burr Responds to Chris D'Elia sexual harassment allegations

Bill Burr Responds to Chris D’Elia sexual harassment allegations

Comedian and actor Chris D’Elia recently faced allegations of sexual harassment from multiple underage girls. This led to many consequences for the comedian in his career. He was fired from the NCAA and many comedians online condemned his actions. Plus, many chose not to associate with him anymore. Another popular comedian, Bill Burr, also weighs in on the whole situation. Here’s what he had to say.

Bill Burr reacts to Chris D’Elia’s news

F is for Family creator, Bill Burr didn’t have anything to say against Chris D’Elia. He neither supported nor condemned his actions. Rather, he had a problem against other comedians reacting to it:

When a comedian is involved in a controversy that could possibly end their career, unless you have any information to add to it, you should probably stay out of it. Recently I saw this like all of a sudden other comedians’ feelings about the person’s act or whatever which has nothing to do with what they’re debating.

Bill Burr goes on to say that people end up coming after critiquing the comedy and career of the person that has been accused. In reality, that has nothing to do with the debate that’s going on:

Speaking of chicken cannibalism, comedians shouldn’t – like there’s enough people trashing comedians right now, you don’t need to pile on.  I was really surprised with that. These past couple of weeks seeing the amount of f*cking comedians which is just f*cking ‘ah this dude’s a hack anyway’.  Like what the f*ck does that have to do with it – it’s not what we’re talking about here. This is serious f*cking accusations and somebody’s career is in the balance. Who gives a f*ck what you think about their act?

Other comedians speaking out against him

Many of the comedians, especially those that were closely associated with Chris D’Elia, have publicly condemned his actions. His close friend, Whitney Cummings, also came out against him and said she didn’t know any of this was going on behind the scenes. Now that she did, she was against what he did. Other comedians such as Brendan Schaub and Bryan Callen have also spoken against Chris D’Elia. The most notable comedian and friend of Chris that hasn’t said anything yet is Joe Rogan.

Penn Badgley also came out to publicly denounce what Chris D’Elia did. They both worked together on Netflix’s You Series where D’Elia played the role of a predator who sexually harassed underage girls.

Where’s the case now?

When the news first broke out, Chris D’Elia denied all the accusations and allegations. Recently, Chris D’Elia’s legal team released an email exchange with the accusers. The exchange shows some evidence that may be used in Chris D’Elia’s favor. But the public is right now still wary of him.

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