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Bianca Devins Case | Killer Brandon Clark’s Brother Says It’ll Be A Living Hell

On Sunday morning, news of a murder stormed the internet. A 17-Years old Instagrammer  Bianca Devins was murdered by a friend of hers, 21-Years old Brandon Clark. Both were returning hometown Utica after attending a concert. After entering the hometown, Brandon Clark snapped and murdered Bianca Devins. Since he was not in the right state of mind, he took gruesome pictures of Bianca’s dead body and shared them on Discord (a gamers chat app) and Instagram. Brandon Clark injured himself as well as attempting suicide when he saw the police approaching the scene. However, police officers saved him and after emergency surgery, it is confirmed that he will survive. The murder has caused an outrage in the people and many have started abusing and accusing killer Brandon Clark’s brother James Ward.  Utterly emotional and distressed James Ward says it will be a living hell now.

Brandon Clark’s Brother James Ward Responds To Messages And Accusations

Brandon Clark’s brother James Ward’s Instagram handle was tracked by a few internet users. Ward is in U.S Air Force and currently stationed in Alaska. He posted a shout-out to the accusers yesterday, sharing screenshots of aggressive messages he has been receiving since the murder. James Ward is already grieving his brother’s actions. He is mourning the loss of a brother he knew and followed all his life. Ward also requested people to think about Clark’s younger siblings before blaming the family for Clark’s actions.

Apparently, the post was not enough for the accusers out there. They kept messaging him. Due to which, James Ward recently shared another post a few hours back. Ward confirms he is not the kind of guy who is good with emotions or expressing himself. The brother Brandon Clark he knew was hilarious, outgoing and fun-loving. Clark used to be an inspiring big brother for Ward when they were growing up.

Brandon Clark’s Brother Expresses His Sorrow

After expressing his love for his big brother, Ward expressed his sorrow.

I hate you, You took away so many peoples opportunities in life. Hers, yours. Friends. Families. I ask my self, what the fuck happened. I read everything online and can’t believe it’s true, like that’s not you. It can’t be. You wouldn’t do that. You say, never forget me, message me and say to remember you as you were. I want to but can’t.

The person James Ward remembers growing up changed drastically due to anger issues. As confirmed by Bianca’s friends, Bianca, Brandon and another friend had joints/drugs after the concert. Were his actions influenced by the drugs? Nothing has been reported officially.

James ward is also receiving queries including what Brandon Clark was like growing up.

People I don’t know asking me what you’re like, how you could do this. Well this is my answer, why I’m writing this. I don’t know. I just don’t. Never will. The Bran Man I remember is the one I described before. Funny as fuck. Always busy. Fuck I love you bro, always will, but people loved her.

James Ward Is Devastated On Bianca Devins’ Murder

James Ward is devastated by the news of his brother killing Bianca. Referring to Brandon Clark’s Instagram story “Here Comes Hell, redemption Right?”, Ward said it is going to be a living hell for Brandon Clark.

Look how much her families hurting, her friends. It’s sad, So young, all of you., Here comes hell, redemption right? Now you’re condemned and it’s gonna be a living hell. I’m glad you’re alive, and it hurts to think of you going through that, but you put yourself there. You made her family suffer so much. I watched the vigil, couldn’t fucking keep it together, just wish you’d talked to me. We’re family.

It is reported that Brandon Clark has been charged with 2nd Degree Murder.


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