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Best Gossip Girl Memes That Are Trending On Internet Right Now

Best Gossip Girl Memes That Are Trending On Internet Right Now

Memes are perhaps one of the best forms of mindset relation on social media. For Twitter, where only limited space is given to speak views, memes are incredibly handy. As a result, Gossip Girl memes are taking over social media and we have compiled the best ones for you. If you haven’t seen the Blake Lively and Leighton Meester memes then you are in luck. We have put together some of the best trending memes for Gossip Girl. Check them out below:

Best Gossip Girl Memes Ever!

Let’s start with something we ALL can agree on. When someone asks you why did the United States of America invade Iraq, be sure to tell them this:

How about we take a playful jibe at religion? What is the only thing that your Muslim friend/neighbor will show that they will never do?

We cracked over this one, maybe the best Gossip Girl meme we have got. Have you all watched that video where this woman in a TV show washes a laptop with soap? Her name is “Gopi Bahu”.

I mean, the whole of America can relate to this one. If not, then perhaps all cat owners:

A meme is trending and the limelight moves away from trashy men? Never!

We are thankful for Serena to ask this question so Blair can answer it using all the letters she could find in ‘Gossip Girl’ and give us an amazing meme:

Remember when Dua Lipa gave us her famous Rules about what to do when your ex tries to reach out to you? Meester seems to be disappointed in this version of Gossip Girl memes:

When you have it coming, why not just go do it? Meester’s character sure has a nice way of telling Lively’s role. Check this out:

Look at this Despicable Me meme used in the meme reference!

And here is a whole bundle package for you to enjoy

We hope you had fun!