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Belle Delphine Lookalike Discovered By The Internet!

Recently, people discovered a girl who looks exactly like Belle Delphine. However, there is one huge difference between the two. While Delphine is white, her lookalike is Black and lives in Hawaii. Through her cosplay and erotic content, Delphine gained a lot of popularity. Despite her fan following, the content creator faced a ban on Instagram. However, she has since moved on to OnlyF*ns.

After her content became too much for social media apps, Belle Delphine faced a ban.

Although she began her YouTube career with a makeup video, Belle Delphine quickly moved on to making explicit content. She focused on cosplay-related content and featured characters like Harley Quinn and D.Va. At the same time, she was termed an ‘alien Disney princess p*rn star’ by Rolling Stone. After a while, she also started posting on TikTok and gained popularity. In 2019, Belle Delphine announced that she would create a P*rnHub channel. This got her banned from Instagram. However, her P*rn Hub channel turned out to be an ironic take on p*rn.

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Since then, she has been creating content on OF.

A few weeks after her P*rn Hub channel, Delphine devised a genius plan to make money. She launched her online store, where she sold a bizarre Gamer Girl Bath Water product. However, her popularity with conventional social media apps did not last long. Therefore she had to move on to OF. While talking about the transition to the p*rn industry, Belle Delphine said:

“I think being a s*x worker and doing these things can be healthy, but I think it has to come from you. I did it because I’ve always been a s*xual person and I’ve been s*xually open throughout my whole life. This is something I wanted to do and I like doing it.”

Although she achieved her wish to move to make p*rn content, she fell out with her mom because of it.

Recently, people noticed a TikToker who looks precisely like Belle Delphine.

On TikTok, a girl named emi has gained overnight popularity because she looks like Delphine. So far, she has 1.3 million followers. After she posted her cosplay videos and daily routine, people noticed that she looks a lot like Belle Delphine. However, there is a huge difference between the two. While Delphine is from South Africa and is a white girl, emi is from Hawaii and is Black. Many people also assumed that she is wearing Blackface. However, she proved them wrong after sharing her childhood pictures with her parents.

Despite the criticism, emi is on her way to becoming a massive star.

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