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Bella Thorne Shares Abuse Story On Logan Paul’s Podcast

Bella Thorne recently made an appearance on Logan Paul’s Podcast called ‘Impaulsive’ to share details of her abuse story. In the last year, Thorne had briefly talked about how she was abused but never got into the details.

How it Impacted Her

The actress explains how the horrible experience completely changed her and left a mark on her life. She felt like was hiding behind a huge secret and she could not hold it in anymore.

‘It just made me feel like I was encased in this, not a doll, but this thing, like a Black Mirror episode, beating on the inside. It made me feel like I was completely drowning.

After the #MeToo era, Bella Thorne is not getting a negative backlash as actresses usually received. Just a month prior, she got a ton of support when Whoopi Goldberg denounced her actions of leaking her own nudes when she was being threatened by a hacker. Several actresses came forward with love and support for Bella when she felt like was being victimized.

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Details of the Story

Bella Thorne shares that she was physically abused for a pretty long while until she could finally garner the courage to stop it.

‘I was sexually abused and physically growing up from the day I can remember till I was 14..when I finally had the courage to lock my door at night and sit by it.

Why Bella Thorne Didn’t Share The Details Earlier

She had a considerable amount of fame when she was suffering from this abuse but the actress chose to not disclose the name of the abuser. The reason for that was because there’s a mentality to blame the victim as opposed to offering support.

Police make their victims feel like villains, people often don’t report the abuse. Why do you think? Because of this system. So for me, I have a hard time.’

Perhaps the changing times thanks to the movements of #MeToo and #TimesUp helped her find the strength to finally open up about this experience.

Bella Thorne also did not want to keep reliving the trauma that she faced. Once the news was out there and the abused was identified, people would keep talking about it which would keep reminding her of what had happened.

‘To go back there again, over and over and watch somebody look at you and … question if you’re lying at every point in time when you’re just trying to tell your story. That might break me, in a sense.’

Thorne’s Advice for Other Survivors

The actress was asked if she could give out any advice to anyone suffering from this ordeal. And she had something supportive to say.

Even though she did not know the exact circumstances of what any survivor is going through, she urged everyone to keep fighting.

After you get beaten down again and again and again you have to just keep fighting even when you feel it might kill you. Because what’s better? Being yourself, being out of that situation getting to live your life the way you should be allowed to…or death? I’d rather fight this day to death than let it happen again.

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