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Bella Poarch New Song Inferno Feat. Sub Urban Review

Bella Poarch New Song ‘Inferno’ Feat. Sub Urban Review

Once again, Bella Poarch released a song, Inferno, with a thought-provoking video. She collaborated with Sub Urban and other internet stars.

After the success of Build A Bi**h, Bella Poarch is back with her new single, Inferno. Once again, she is collaborating with Sub Urban, who is listed as the songwriter of her previous single. The music video for their new single has just been released today. It also features some well-known faces from Twitch including Dis guised Toast, Adin Ross, and Ludwig.

Last week, Bella Poarch shared a teaser of Inferno but with a trigger warning

On her Twitter account, Bella Poarch shared a short clip of her new single. In the clip, Poarch is seen wearing an exquisite gown, drinking at the bar. However, the video takes a dark turn when two creepy men drag her to the elevator. Despite the short clip, people could clearly understand the theme of the video.

At the same time, Bella Poarch shared a statement saying:

As a victim of sexual assault, this song and video mean a lot to me. This is something I haven’t been ready to share with you just yet. It’s very hard for me to talk about. I decided to express myself by creating a song and video with Sub Urban based on how I wished my experience went. It’s a fantasy I wish was true. I’m looking forward to sharing this with you all.

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Earlier today, the music video of Inferno was released, featuring Sub Urban and many other famous names

After the epic collaboration of Sub Urban and Bella Poarch produced Build A Bi**h, they’re back with another banger. Once again, the mood and theme of Inferno instantly grab your attention. Just like the previous video and song, Inferno has the same creepy sound of small children singing as well as the dark atmosphere. However, the mood changes when Poarch is dragged into the elevator and the doors close. Suddenly, she transforms into a goddess from hell, punishing the predators. From burning them with hellfire to turning them in frozen statues, Bella Poarch tries different techniques. In the process, Sub Urban acts as a helper for her, making the torture possible.

Bella Poarch, Inferno

Throughout the video, we see many famous internet personalities including a special cameo by Bretman Rock. Other than him, Twitch stars, Disguised Toast, Ludwig, Adin Ross, and TommyInnit make an appearance. Already, the video has more than 2 million views.

Is the video of Bella Poarch’s song inspired by Promising Young Woman?

Although Bella Poarch has not given any indication or comment about it, the video does remind you of this epic film. Promising Young Woman follows a woman, played by Carey Mulligan, who is trying to avenge her best friend who committed suicide after being raped. According to the plot, the protagonist, Cassie, fakes drunkenness which allows men to take her home with them. However, when they try to take advantage of her, she reveals her sobriety. After that, she tries to punish them for attempted assaults in whatever way she sees fit. Similarly, the video of Inferno also starts with Bella Poarch pretends to be drunk and two men guide her to the elevator. Instantly after the doors are closed, she transforms into their scourge. The themes of the film and the song are pretty similar. However, it can also be a coincidence.

Not only is Bella Poarch different than her fellow TikTokers, but she’s also proving her mettle with every passing day. Let’s see what she comes up with next.

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