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Avengers Star Sebastian Stan aka Bucky Throws Shade At Marvel

The Marvel Cinematic Universe star Sebastian Stan, who plays as Bucky Barnes, apparently doesn’t like how things turned out in the storyline for his character. Now, he may have not openly criticized the film studio, but he does throw shade at them in one particular, very subtle and vague manner. The star was initially part of the cast present in Captain America movies until the storylines merged and Avengers: Endgame happened. So, what does Bucky has to say about Marvel?

Pretty Much Nothing, But Definitely Something

Let’s have a quick recap here first!

it was back in the first Captain America movie where Sebastian Stan’s Bucky meets Steve Rogers but apparently dies during a mission. However, he returns in the Winter Soldier sequel where he is…. the winter soldier. Hydra brainwashes Steve’s best friend and turns him into an assassin with that name, but it was Cap’s persistent and stubborn friendship that turned Bucky back to normal. It was then when he said to him “I’m with you till the end of the line.” A friendship so strong it that even breaks apart the whole of Avengers in CA: Civil War.

At the end of Avengers: Endgame, Steve decided to stay in the past to live out his days with Peggy Carter. He reappears in front of Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson and gives his shield to The Falcon, retiring from the Avengers. This is the moment where Chris Evans ends his contract with Marvel.

Sebastian Stan took a screenshot of one fan’s comment who had a different opinion of that famous line.

“together until the end of the line. Or until bad, inconsistent, out-of character writing turns Steve Rogers into his own anti-thesis. Shouldn’t it be “together until the end of the lie” now?”

The Avenger star did not say anything at all however, him taking a screenshot of the comment and posting a big shocked emoji over it really raises some eyebrows. Is he agreeing with it? Or is he just shocked for seeing such an opinion about his character’s story? Perhaps he is trying to become John Boyega from Star Wars, who has started to criticize his franchise? No one knows for sure!