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Ava Louise claims Bryce Hall allegedly sexually assaulted her friend

Influencer Ava Louise claims that Bryce Hall allegedly sexually assaulted her friend while she was extremely intoxicated. Here's what we know about her claim.

Famous TikToker and social media influencer Ava Louise has made another bold claim on social media. She now claims that YouTuber and TikToker Bryce Hall allegedly sexually assaulted her friend while she was “heavily intoxicated”. Louise made the comments on Instagram, and it generally caused a lot of uproars.

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Ava Louise makes claim Bryce Hall allegedly sexually assaulted her friend

The comments were caught by defnoodles on Instagram, who noticed Ava Louise’s comment underneath an Instagram post. It began when someone asked her a question on Instagram, whether she would go down on Hall. To that, Louise responded with quite a massive allegation of sexual assault:

I was recently told he date r*ped someone I know. So no thanks.

Furthermore, Louise further clarified her comments underneath a post. There, she responded to a user, claiming that:

He got my friends girlfriend extremely intoxicated and assaulted her. Disgusting behavior.

Ava Louise makes claim Bryce Hall allegedly sexually assaulted her friend

Later on, Louise further mentioned in the comments underneath defnoodles’ post about her sexual assault allegations, saying:

Friend’s girlfriend * don’t have all the details but fully believe her as we always should believe victims, she seems extremely upset by the situation to. But im not saying more on the matter until she decides she is ready to come forward out of respect for her.

A lot of people in the replies raised questions on the validity of her allegations, with some asking if Louise had even asked her friend’s permission before sharing her story. However, Louise did not respond to their comments and neither has Bryce Hall.

Ava Louise’s past controversies

In the past, Ava Louise intentionally spread false rumors about Kanye West, claiming that the singer is dating Jeffree Star. She admitted that she “made the entire scandal up”, saying:

There is literally not one bit of truth to anything I have said. I just tricked the entire world into talking about me again because I was on a lot of Adderall and bored. And that’s on being an icon. We all had fun though, didn’t we? You’re welcome for the memes.

This wasn’t Louise’s only clout chasing stunt. Back in 2020 at the start of the pandemic, she convinced people there was an actual COVID-19 challenge and posted a video where she licked her own toilet, despite no other video on the internet of people taking the challenge.

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