Austin McBroom Will Be Fighting AnEsonGib!

Austin McBroom will be fighting AnEsonGib!

According to AnEsonGib, he will be fighting Austin McBroom in a boxing match and is waiting for him to sign the papers.

Although Austin McBroom has had a very eventful year, there is more to come for this YouTuber. In a recent video, AnEsonGib has announced that he will be fighting the ACE Family founder in a boxing match. Earlier this year, the Battle of the Platforms turned out to be a disaster for him. Since then, he has been facing multiple lawsuits and allegations. According to the participants, they were not paid for the event.

After the Battle of the Platforms, Austin McBroom found himself in hot waters

Although the event was a success and Austin McBroom defeated Bryce Hall, it all went downhill later on. According to the participants, they were promised to be paid millions. However, not one person got the paycheck. Therefore, many people filed lawsuits against Social Gloves, the company which organized the event. Later on, it was revealed that Austin McBroom himself owns the company. Since then, the YouTuber has been facing multiple lawsuits and court cases. After that, their house went into foreclosure and they had to move out. At one point, it was revealed that the family is homeless. However, they denied the rumors and have given explanation on the matter. At the moment, the ACE Family is living in their new house.

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Apart from McBroom and Hall, AnEsonGib was a prominent boxer of Battle of the Platforms

During the event, AnEsonGib fought against Tayler Holder. Although he landed 47 punches to Holder’s 21, the match ended in a majority draw. After the match, AnEsonGib said:

“I know in my heart that I won. I was the most dominant, and respect to Tayler, but I beat you. These aren’t even my fans and they’re cheering. So I know I won. I was robbed tonight. I worked very hard for this day and I was robbed. In my heart I know I won.”

Last year, AnEsonGib fought Jake Paul in Florida and lost the match via technical knockout.

According to AnEsonGib, he will be fighting Austin McBroom

Austin McBroom Will Be Fighting AnEsonGib!

In a dramatic Twitter video, AnEsonGib revealed that Austin McBroom will be fighting him in a boxing match next year. He said:

Where is the announcement, they ask. Well, my friends, you should be asking that to Austin McBroom because he has taken his sweet, sweet time in signing the papers. Venues, locations, date are all set in place. But the moment he heard that it would be in UK, panic began to set in. I will fight him anywhere but he showed me his card in security. The last fight was about redemption in Miami against Tayler Holder. But my moment was stolen from Social Gloves. So my next fight is all about revenge, is all about beating the s**t out of event organizers aka Social Gloves aka Austin McBroom. This is the biggest money fight out there. AnEsonGib vs Austin McBroom, the grudge match indeed. So, Austin, chop chop, sign the papers.

So far, Austin McBroom has not responded. However, it will be an interesting match for YouTubers’ fans and boxing fanatics.

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