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Austin McBroom Sued By LiveXLive For $100 Million Over YouTubers Vs TikTokers Pay Dispute

Austin McBroom sued by LiveXLive for $100 million over YouTubers vs TikTokers pay dispute

Austin McBroom is getting sued By LiveXLive For $100 Million over YouTubers Vs TikTokers Pay Dispute. Austin has yet to make a statement.

A few days ago Austin McBroom, who owns Social Gloves, said that he is suing LiveXLive for not paying the fighters who participated in the Battle of The Platforms event. But looks like Austin himself is getting sued by LiveXLive for $100 million!

How the Social Gloves controversy began at YouTubers vs TikTokers

Austin McBroom Sued By LiveXLive For $100 Million Over YouTubers Vs TikTokers Pay Dispute

It all began when a rumor started that fighters who were in the YouTubers vs TikToker event were not paid. People also said that Social Gloves (the company that organized the event) went bankrupt and didn’t sell enough tickets and PPVs. As Austin is Social Gloves’ owner, he decided to put a statement regarding the rumors. He said in his tweet that the rumors are untrue and only haters will believe such things. But, the fact is that the fighters never got paid as Bryce Hall himself was in legal talks with Social Gloves for not paying him for the fight.

The event’s initial fight was between Austin and Bryce and looks like neither of them got paid. After Bryce’s interview, Austin told the press that he is suing his event partner ‘LiveXLive’. In the video, Austin says that the reason behind this is that LiveXLive was responsible to pay the fighters. He revealed that the event was organized by Social Gloves, but LiveXLive was the live streaming partner and they were the ones who got all the money from PPV. Austin also cleared the rumor that was going around that Social Gloves is bankrupt and according to him that is ‘cap’. However, he also added that he was not paid for his fight either.

We don’t even know who to believe right now as it was recently revealed that LiveXLive is also suing Austin. Looks like, everybody is suing everybody. Will we ever figure out who is the real culprit here?

Court documents reveal LiveXLive is suing Austin McBroom and social gloves!

Recently, some court documents have surfaced according to which LiveXLive is suing Austin and Simply Greatness Productions. Reportedly, Simply Great Productions operates Social Goves which is owned by Austin. It was also revealed that the company is getting sued for defamation, breach of contract, and fraud.

LiveXLive claimed that McBroom and Simply Greatness Productions said their anticipated viewership at the event would be 2.2 million paying audience members. As a result, LiveXLive is suing Austin for $100 million in damages.

Austin has not said anything about the recent statement by LiveXLive but he is obviously not going to stay quiet. Who do you think is responsible for the mismanagement of the event in all this? Let us know in the comments section.

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