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Austin McBroom is now suing YouTube vs TikTok boxing event partner!

Austin McBroom is now suing YouTubers vs TikTokers boxing event partner!

Austin McBroom is now suing YouTube vs TikTok boxing event partner LiveXLive because they have not paid the fighters yet.

There was a controversy going on that Austin McBroom, the owner of Social Gloves, did not pay the Battle of the Platforms participants, or the YouTubers vs TikTokers boxing event. Austin addressed the controversy a few weeks ago and said he has nothing to do with this matter. Now, he’s suing his event partner LiveXLive for not paying the fighters, putting the onus of the scandal upon them.

Many of us might have heard that the YouTubers vs TikTokers event was quite a success. However, it was not free of any controversy. There was some severe event mismanagement, along with the controversy of the fighters not getting their pay. The event was organized by Social G, owned by Austin McBroom who also participated in the event as a fighter. However, it’s clear that they weren’t prepared for it at all. The audience who attended the event said that the venue was terrible and they could not get access to the fights even though they had the passes. Moreover, many accused McBroom, saying that he was not able to sell adequate amounts of PPV access as well, managing to sell only 100,000 instead of the intended 500,000. Many people called out Austin as well and he decided to address the controversy.

Austin said that these accusations are baseless and that the real numbers will come out soon. However, we’re still waiting for that. The main event was the fight between Austin McBroom and Bryce Hall. But even Bryce recently admitted that he was not paid what was promised and he will be suing LiveXLive. And now, McBroom says he didn’t receive any pay as well.

Austin Mcbroom is suing Battle of the Platform event partner, LiveXLive!

Now recently, a video went viral in which Austin is saying that he is suing his partner, LiveXLive. He said in the video that he is suing his partner because they were the ones who did not pay the fighters. He said he remained quiet for the past few weeks to avoid any lawsuits. And so, he took this opportunity to clarify a few rumors.

Austin also said that there was a rumor going around that Social Gloves is bankrupt, which according to him is “cap”. He clarified that there were around 20,000 people in the arena, and besides the Pay-per-view, they made three to four million dollars. Therefore, Social Gloves is not bankrupt at all. Secondly, he admitted that fighters did not get paid but that was because of LiveXLive. He revealed that Social Gloves organized the event, whereas LiveXLive was the live stream partner, and they’re the ones who have been holding back the fighter’s money. And therefore, he is suing LiveXLive.

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