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Asia Argento is Still Fighting Back

Asia Argento is still fighting and threatened to sue Rose McGowan after she released her statement against the actress in the Jimmy Bennett case.

Asia Argento is still going strong with her denial of assault accusations in the Jimmy Bennett case. Previously, after Jimmy Bennett accused her of assaulting him when he was underage, she completely denied it. And even when Bennett provided proof that she paid him money for it later, she did not agree. However, things took an interesting turn as her former friend and her partner in the #MeToo movement declared that she was discontinuing ties with Asia Argento. Rose McGowan’s partner Rain Dove also provided evidence where Argento had acknowledged having sex with Jimmy Bennett. But now, Asia Argento has fired back by threatening to sue McGowan if she does not take back her claims.

Recently, Asia Argento threatened Rose McGowan with legal actions. She demanded that unless McGowan retracts her previous claims of Argento having sex with Jimmy Bennett, she will sue her. While addressing it on twitter, she said that she was giving Rose McGowan 24 hours to retract her claims. And also, apologize for the horrendous lies. The tweet came out on 17th September, and claimed that unless McGowan fulfilled her demand, she will take her for immediate legal action. However, it seems like there has been no response from McGowan till now.

The next day after her tweet, Asia Argento again appeared on Twitter to declare her next steps. She claimed that since McGowan did not abide by her deadline, to retract her false statements, she would now be seeing them in court. Asia Argento said that she wanted to inform McGowan and Rain Dove that she had instructed her lawyer to file substantial charges for deception, fraud, coercion and libel. Lastly, Argento warned the pair that they would soon be hearing from her lawyers.

The end of this case is still unknown. And whether or not McGowan apologized or receive a court notice is still unknown.

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  1. The saga continues however the dispute between the two of them is veering further from the core issues of #MeToo every day which is a shame .

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