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Ashley Graham Interviews Liza Koshy On PBD

Ashley Graham is one boss b*tch who has taken the modelling world by storm. Being the first plus size model, she didn’t let anything stop her from conquering it all. But that’s not all. She recently started her own podcast show called Pretty Big Deal. That’s where the most brilliant, inspiring and honest guests come to let Ashley pick their brains. On the last episode of Pretty Big Deal, Ashley Graham invited internet sensation, Liza Koshy.

Besides taking over the YouTube world, Liza Koshy is also an actress, director, host and so much more. She was named one of Time Magazine’s Most Influential People on the Internet in 2019. She has also made Forbes 30 Under 30 list twice. And she’s only 23. WOW, right?

Liza Koshy also snagged the title of the fastest YouTuber ever to reach 10 million subscribers and since then has been unstoppable. She is currently breaking more records with her YouTube Premium series called Liza On Demand.

Ignorance Is Bliss For Liza Koshy

Ashley Graham asked Liza what piece of information would she change on her Wikipedia page if she could. And Liza Koshy revealed she has never actually read her Wikipedia page. Nor does she read Instagram comments. Her words, “I’m good at not reading stuff about me that I didn’t write.” She then differentiated on the type of responses she gets on social media. Instagram is positive comments, YouTube is constructive and Twitter is just opinionated. That’s a good way to put it.

How Did Liza’s YouTube Journey Begin?

Liza Koshy’s YouTube journey actually began from Vine. If you’re back from the day, then you’d remember Vine as being one of the hottest things, before YouTube took over.

But when Liza started YouTube, her dad didn’t seem to understand it fully. The first he actually saw what impact Liza had with her videos was when they were taking a college tour. And about a group of fifteen high schoolers (the same age Liza was at the time) came up to her and asked her for a picture. That’s when her dad was like, you need to continue making videos. It’s obviously having some kind of impact. And that’s when her car went into full speed.

Her dad did decide he wanted her to go to college. But he was also the one who opened the doors for her to move to Los Angeles after a year into college. So it’s safe to say, her dad had been the biggest support in helping her career took off.

Watch the lively interview here to find out more revelations about Liza Koshy and how she built her empire.