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Ariana Grande deletes Instagram photos after being accused of Asian fishing

Recently, Ariana Grande was accused of Asian fishing when her Instagram pictures went viral where her makeup and outfit were criticized.

According to the latest news, Ariana Grande is Asian fishing and some people are offended. In her recent pictures, her outfit and makeup have been criticized. At the same time, people recalled the time when fans called her out for ‘Black fishing’. However, few people have refused to believe these accusations. In short, her new pictures, which she has removed since then, have divided the internet.

Recently, Ariana Grande was accused of appropriating Asian culture

In her recent pictures, the singer wore an oversized olive green coat and a white neck-kerchief. While Ariana looked stunning as always, it caught the eye of many people on the internet. According to some, Ariana Grande is wearing makeup in a way that makes her look like an Asian person. Therefore, many people are calling her out for Asian fishing. According to one Reddit user, she has her eyebrow shape changed from curved to straight which is a popular trend in East Asia. Furthermore, he said:

“We know Ari studies Japanese and has an interest in Japanese culture, based on her Spirited Away tattoo, her incorrect Japanese tattoo, and her defense of the tattoo that followed shortly after explaining how much she loves Japanese culture.”

What is Asian fishing?

After the pictures of Ariana went viral, people started to wonder what exactly is Asian fishing. The term is used for people who are not Asian but dress up and wear makeup to look like one. For those who try to look like someone from the Asian race, people call that Asian fishing. At the same time, people also call it cultural appropriation.

In the past, Ariana Grande also faced backlash for black-fishing.

A few years ago, people started noticing that Ariana is changing her appearance. Many people claimed that they did not even know she was white. In her music videos, Breathin’, Seven Rings, and Thank U, Next, Ariana Grande looked darker than before. At the same time, people noticed that she is wearing an unnaturally dark fake tan and her lips started looking fuller. Similarly, she also changed the shape of her eyebrows. In the 2016 MTV Awards, Ariana performed with Nicki Minaj on Side To Side. Although Minaj is an actual Black woman, Grande looked darker than her. However, on the cover of Vogue, she looked pale, blonde, and face full of freckles.

For now, Ariana Grande has deleted the pictures. However, she has not responded to the allegations.

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