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Are Nikita Dragun & Tony Lopez more than BFFs?

Are Nikita Dragun & Tony Lopez more than BFFs?

We all know how Nikita Dragun and Tony Lopez get heat from the social tabloids. There are a lot of dating rumors circulating on the internet which the duo denies all the time. Anyways, Tony has been teaching Nikita a lot of TikTok dance moves and she is getting pretty good at it. We don’t really mind the young and blooming Tiktok content creator teaching Dragun Mama some pretty cool dance moves.

But in Nikita’s recent Tiktok post, Tony Lopez kissed her on the lower lip. I don’t know what it seems like to you guys. But kissing someone on the lip/lips is generally thought of as a very intimate gesture.

Are Nikita Dragun And Tony Lopez Just Friends?

You all must be wondering how and why Nikita and Tony became such good friends. Nikita started visiting the Hype House somewhere around mid-May. But she made it official on her Instagram on 21st May.

And on 25th May, Nikita posted her first-ever picture with Tony Lopez with a very interesting caption:

“I just wanted to ride the helicopter”.

Umm, I guess we all know what riding a helicopter actually means. A lot of fans are speculating that these two are dating behind the curtains. But they are show-mancing their romancing and calling it BFF goals. I mean guys, are you trying to fool yourself or the audience?


And no, we are not done yet. Nikita also shared some pictures with Larray, Tony’s elder brother Ondreaz Lopez and Tony himself. In it, you can clearly see Dragun Mama sitting on the young & dashing content creator’s shoulders.

Later, Nikita posted more pictures with Tony with another confusing caption, ‘Tikita forever’. They are color coordinating most of the time. Oh, which reminds me of Nikita’s latest Tiktok video in which Tony kissed her on the lower lip.

Nikita Dragun Surely Knows How To Stay In The Highlights

We have seen how Nikita has been mixing her friendships and trying to make a romance cocktail out of them. But this time fans are speculating that Tony is the one who wants to turn his friendship with Nikita into something else. They even think Tony pulled the kissing stunt just to get some extra attention from the fans.

Last but not the least, Dragun mama also shared some pictures from Larray’s birthday party. And the caption again explains it all:

“I never snitch on you daddy. I’ll hold a brick for you daddy. Smash on a b*tch for u daddy. Shoutout to the homies for letting me drunk tw*rk on em.”

Umm, so we know that the caption is inspired by Cousin Stizz ft. City Girls’ song ‘Perfect’. And Tony is a very good friend of Nikita, so why is she calling him Daddy.

Let’s just hope that these two explain their actual relationship status soon (if they have any).