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Are Josh Richards and Brianna Lapaglia Secretly Dating?

So, Josh Richards has a colorful dating history. And that is to say, he has dated and had public breakups with quite a few women! And the TikTok star’s most recent breakup with Nessa Barrett still rings true for many fans. The BFFs Podcast co-host and co-founder of Ani Energy have now sparked new dating rumors!

And these rumors involve Brianna LaPaglia. Better known as Brianna Chickenfry, she co-hosts the BFFs Podcast with Josh and Dave Portnoy!

Josh Richards and Nessa Barrett: What went wrong?

A lot of things went wrong, to be honest. And they all came one after the other like consecutive gut punches. Josh Richards didn’t like Nessa Barrett hanging out with Chase Hudson. Further, there were cheating allegations in the mix. And in a TikTok, Mads Lewis alleged that Nessa cheated on Josh with Jaden Hossler. However, it has recently come to light that things may have been the other way around! And that it was Josh Richards who cheated on Nessa! But Josh denies that he did.

So who cheated on whom? For now, we don’t know. We know that Josh and Nessa Barrett have broken up after being one of TikTok’s most loved couples for so long. And they’re not exactly on talking terms either.

A serving of Chickenfry, please

Now, Josh Richards and Brianna “Chickenfry” LaPaglia certainly spend a lot of time together. And that comes along with co-hosting the BFFs Podcast. Recently, they may have been spending more time together than just co-hosts!

Brianna LaPaglia was a podcaster for famous media company, “Barstool Sports”. However, her real claim to fame comes from her TikToks about hangovers. And the self-proclaimed “CEO of hangovers” got a job at Barstool Sports as a result of her famous TikToks! And this was when she was just a college student.

Further, it seems Josh Richards has really liked Brianna LaPaglia. And Josh posted an Instagram story of the two having a “private hangout”. Date night, perhaps?

And they got together for Barstool Sports’ Sleep When You’re Dead tour. And this is party girl Brianna’s first outing as a DJ! So Josh Richards is accompanying her. Accompanying her a bit too much, though:

However, Brianna is currently in a relationship with college footballer Nik Pellegrino! And there seems to be no indication that the two have broken up!

So, are Josh and Brianna secretly dating? Or are they just friends? We’re keeping an eye out for any updates!

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