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Anne with an E Season 3 Premiere Date Announced

Anne with an E Season 3 Premiere Date Announced

We know it been a long time since we saw our favorite freckled girl on-screen but wait no more. Netflix has announced the premiere date for Anne with an E season 3 and we’re panicking.

Anne with an E is returning to Netflix

The trailer for Anne with an E season 3 has been out for about two months now but we didn’t know when the show would be premiering. However, now we know! Though it’s still a bit far hey at least we’ve got an actual date.

A few days ago, Netflix announced through its official Instagram account that the show will be returning for a season 3 on January 3rd on Netflix. This news was given to us with an adorable video including leads Amybeth McNutty and Lucas Jade Zumann.

Watch the video and you’ll be dropping all your uwus. The duo is so charming to see.

season 3 is coming jan 3rd!!!!!

What is Anne with an E and Why Are We So Excited?

Among many of Netflix’s shows, Anne with an E is definitely one of our favorites, hence the excitement. Also, we’ve been waiting for so long!!

And if you don’t know anything about the show, don’t worry, we’re here to help. Anne with an E is a Canadian drama centered on 13-year old orphan Anne Shirley (Amybeth McNulty) and her adventures on Prince Edward IslandThe show is based on the novel Anne From Green Gables. There’s also a movie adaptation and though it’s not bad itself, the show wins it for us. Partly because the show has the cutest beans on earth in it. Yes, we’re talking about Lucas Jade Zumann and Amybeth McNulty.

The cast of the show also includes Geraldine James, R.H. Thomson, Dalila Bela, and Corrine Koslo.