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Angie Harmon’s Sexy Throwback Picture will Wow you

If you’re not that old, you might remember Angie Harmon from hit detective shows ‘Law and Order’ and ‘Rizzoli and Isles’. However, if you are even older than that, then you will recall seeing the stunning Angie Harmon on ‘Baywatch Nights’. It was a detective show known for casting way too beautiful models. One of the models is, of course, Angie Harmon. In the old days, she was a heartthrob of many young men and queer girls (we don’t discriminate). Well, all you boys and girls of the ’90s, get ready for a very sexy throwback picture of Angie Harmon!

Angie Harmon casually posts a VERY sexy throwback

While many celebrities are quick to post different cooking recipes or random TV shows they’re watching, Angie Harmon decides to take a different route. The actress posted this:

I don’t know about you but this does not seem like the outside. If anything, it seems like the inside of a studio where the makeup artists did a fine job at making Angie Harmon look sexy. Not like she needed much help with that.

Angie is missing the outside, just like us

Apart from the sexy picture of Angie Harmon, there’s another thing to notice here. The model says that she is missing the good old’ outside. Well, join the club, Angie! It’s a big club. The whole world, in fact, is in quarantine. Those who are not health care professionals, patients, essential workers or those who lack social responsibility are all staying inside their homes. Everyone is desperately missing the outside. Oh, to just walk outside with wet hair and a towel like Angie. (I never even did that even without the coronavirus pandemic but I do not judge you if you do) .

Currently, Angie is not working on any new TV or movie projects. Though, you can catch her on her Twitter account, where she is very active.